Saturday, December 29, 2012

Major Update Coming

Just thought I'd pitch in a short and simple notice that I'll be posting a huge update near the end of January, and I'll possibly have the next test demo ready by mid March.

I've been super busy on this project for the past few weeks. Reason why I havent done any progress updates is because the stuff I'm working on is stuff I'd like to keep secret for the time being.

Hope you guys are still interested in what I'm cooking ;)

Oh, and I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Bring on 2013!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh look, I've lived another year! Oh joy.

30 years of existence in this mortal plane as of tomorrow.

darn, I feel old. Before you know it, my four nephews will have whiffed me off to some old people's home where I'd have to wear diapers and eat some crummy tasteless food from the cafeteria. Hurray.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20/12 -

Its been a while since I last updated anything on this project. I've been preoccupied. :P

Anyway, a short little update. I've just registered as a domain name, and in the future I'll be re-uploading the old Spikes Quest Demo files into the server (once I can afford a descent server to do so)

I've received a couple of complaints about the links to the old files being broken. That is because my old name at had long since expired (I plan to renew it eventually, but it wont be used for my pony projects anymore)

I do intend to continue work on SQ. I know I keep going on these long hiatuses but that's because I keep getting too distracted by other projects. Still, I'm hoping to maybe get something done in the coming months or so.

Dont give up hope yet, folks! :P

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7/14/12 - Config System 3.0 Update

The config system has been updated! (nevermind the fact that it was missing from Spikes Quest Demo #4)

> New UI system entirely from scratch
> Key-mapping and gamepad support
> Background scrolls and changes colors (not neecesary, but kinda neat)

With the addition of the key-map and gamepad features I should note that during the game you can either play with the keyboard, or connect a gamepad and instantly start playing with that without having to change the settings to do so.

I may release a testing kit just for the config system later this next week. So if your interested in testing it out, please stay tuned.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

6-24-12 - Monkey related update

The response in my last update concerning the upgrade to Monkey coder was a mixed bag. What I failed to mention in that update was that the code transfer was a thought for later when the game was actually completed.

I dont intend on changing to an entirely different coding language anytime soon, so those of you who may have been concerned can feel rest assured. ;)

I have toyed with the demo version of Monkey and I've found that its an entirely different coding experience. There are some familiar bits of basic coding in it, but the language has its differences from Blitz Max. I'd still like to purchase it just to play around with it and see what I can do concerning HTML5 and the Android OS (I'd later like to try my hands at the iOS system as well as the other supported platforms)

But at the moment, Spikes Quest WILL remain a Blitz Max coded application.

Friday, June 15, 2012

6-15-12 - Monkey Coder

Lately I've been contemplating the purchase of this new programing language called Monkey (developed by the same guys who did Blitz 3d/ Blitz Max/ etc) with it, I could port my work to other platforms.

If I do decide to make this purchase, I'm looking to maybe port Spikes Quest to the Android OS, so you can play it on the go!

the coder has support for the following:
HTML5, Flash, iOS, Android, XNA, Windows, Mac and PSS Apps

I'd still use Blitz Max or the Windows and Mac versions of the game though. Simply because Blitz supports the older versions of Mac, and I'm still used to using Blitz for Windows.

Anyway, what y'all think?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/9/12 - I'm nawt dead yet! I think ai'll go fer a walk!

I haven't updated in a month, so I figure I should bump this project up again...

I wont deny it... I've been severely neglecting this project. And I wont blame most of you if you've practically given up on it. But facts to be, I really just dont want to give up on it yet... or ever... I actually do want to see it through. The problem is with just how easily I can get burned out, or distracted by other projects.

Such is the fate of someone who has bad ADD I guess...

Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2/12 - lol April Fools! and other News

Just in case y'all didn't guess it. Yesterday was April 1st. And my whole 'Spikes Quest is cancelled' bit was a total April Fools joke. ;) (the whole Boots Adventure game concept should had been a dead giveaway, really...)

So let's get back to some actual legit news...

Taking the advise of Thirtyfour (from the Ponychan thread), I've decided to host the streams once every other week instead of every week. This means there will be one stream per every two weeks (twice a month) where I'll host previews, updates and maybe do some actual work for y'all's viewing pleasure!

As of now, I've decided to take a break on the graphics and code and start work on the game's actual documentation. These docs will include an actual story for the game, items that you can collect, enemies, NPC's, etc, etc and it'll all be quiet extensive with certain details and illustrations. However these docs wont be published to the public (unless you wont to be spoiled to heck and back) they will only serve as a reference for the game's development. I may actually spend a few weeks working on these docs and maybe... just maybe, I might release it as an actual online wiki a few months after the actual game is published!

Ad that's all the news I have for now. I'll try to keep you all updated. But if you dont hear from me for a while, dont lose hope! I may just be really busy working up something magical ;)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

4/1/12 - Spikes Quest Cancelled

I've decided that due to the enormous stress this project has caused me in the past year alone that I am to cancel it and replace it instead with a newer much more worthy project.

Boots Adventure

you know, Boots from Dora the Explorer? yeah, that monkey thing... I'm making a side scrolling adventure with him because he's so much more amazing than Spike the Dragon!

The game will be a 4 level Mario style game where you go around collecting  purple seashells and helping his Spanish human girlfriend (Dora) get from point A to point B.

There will be no enemies and there will be no traps. And the story is nothing more than to help some dumb blond mermaid who lost her precious pearl in a large jar of pebbles or something silly like that

Doesnt that just sound exciting? :D

Oh, and to make it even more epic, I'll be throwing in a brief cameo by Tom Bombadil from the Tolkien Novels where he'll help our monkey out by singing him riddles while prancing about on some random floating lily-pads.

You cant deny that's not epic!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stream Related News - Changes are being made...

So I was about to set up everything for the stream, but of course I've been dragging my behind the whole time about it. A feeling of not really wanting to do anything at all today. Facts to be I've spent half of today watching YouTube videos... procrastinating.

So what is it with me losing motivation over the whole livestream thing? Most of it would be because of my usual disappointment on how few viewers I get each day. Most of the time I'm there by myself just tinkering away on some small bits of graphics or code, but sometimes one or two (or if I'm lucky, three) people would come in to check out my progress. But eventually they'd often just get bored and leave (or some other more important reasons, they'd leave).

Once again, I'm not griping or complaining about the lack of viewers. I fully understand that there are logical reasons behind the matter. I just tend to get bummed out about it sometimes, and I lose the will to keep working on things.

So I'm thinking that maybe the whole Livestream thing is becoming more of a burden than an actual asset. I'd probably work best if I scrapped the whole streaming thing and worked at my own leisure and without the depressing concerns of if I'm boring the hell out of my viewers or something.

So here's what's being changed. I wont be hosting a stream five or six times a week like I have been doing. But I will host a livestream on Saturdays before the Pony episodes to showcase what has been done and answer a few questions.

I'll also keep doing my art streams on Thursdays and Sundays, because I find great pleasure in having a few good chaps watch me draw things.

In between these stream dates, I'll work on the game. Building up the graphics and the code in an effort to make the Saturday stream damn well worth it!

And also between these times, I can try to build up hype and promote the upcoming streams through forums, blogs and the SQ youtube channel

What do you guys think of that plan?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday 3/28/12 - Stream Recap

Just now called quits on the stream for the night. it was slow as expected, but it went alright, I guess. I've started work on Ponyville if anybody wants to know.

Anyway, before the stream, I guess I was just being a bit too hard on myself which made me think about cutting the stream's up-time over the week. I was in one of those heavy doubt stages, not only concerning the stream but the project as a whole. I half wondered if I'd ever even complete it.

But during the stream, as I worked I kinda let up on those thoughts and started to feel slightly proud again. I may just keep the stream times the same as they were and forget about the time deduction thingie.

Next stream will be on Friday as promised. And I might actually start it extra early... like say maybe 7:00am CET

I know allot of you folks out there haven't been able to attend the stream due to work or school (or odd time zones), and believe me when I say I'd like to make it easier on y'all, I just don't know how to at the moment. I'm hoping that as Summertime approaches things will at least get easier for you school types!

anyway, I hope to see some of y'all in the next stream. Who knows, I might one of these days hold an announcement stream with the promise of a demo on that same day!

we shall see.... we shall see....

In other news, I will be hosting another art stream tomorrow starting early in the morning and lasting until late in the evening! It will be the continuation of the artwork labelled "For I Have the Upper Ground" feel free to come in and watch me draw!

Wednesday 3/28/12 Stream About to Start

Wednesday 3/28/12 Stream Notice

Yes, there will be a stream today, but it wont start until 2:30pm CET

Since it seems I'm kinda getting a late start on everything.

However after today, I've decided to only do the streams on Fridays, since streams seem to totally drain me and also the fact that if you plan a stream a week in advanced more people are likely to show up.

also for today's stream I've decided that rather than working on that same tileset that I've been working on for the past couple of weeks I should change up the environment. what shall I work on? Maybe Ponyville, maybe the Everfree Forest or maybe a cavern setting. I'll decide when it comes time...

Anyway, I'd like to hear some opinions about changing the stream schedule up. Of course, I'm still worried that the reason not many folk have been showing up may be because I frightened them away the other day what with those nasty livestream ban errors and Procaster setting the stream to my webcam where my ugly mug was on the screen the whole time...

I'm still sick to my stomach with embarrassment... c.c

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Art Stream in Progress!

No work on the game today as I'll be working on my current piece of artwork titled 'For I Have the Higher Ground'

I'll be streaming the entire progress on scheduled stream dates (much like I am doing with the game)

the stream has been in progress for the past hour, so feel free to join in!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Supposedly I have the stream fixed. so those who were apparently 'banned' aside from myself are banned no more (stupid LS bug... I'm still a bit peeved about it... c.c)

So get in here! watch me do.... productive.... things....


Friday, March 23, 2012

Despite the misery that Livestream hath caused me today, I realise I must keep moving along with the usual plans.

Tomorrow's stream starts early, 7:30 my time and ends 10 minutes before this weeks pony episode. The rest of the day will be spent with friends and family.

The stream after that will be Sunday, but specifically for another art related project.

The next SQ related stream will be on Monday though.

Hope to see y'all tomorrow... hpefully there wont be anymore bull-poop on Livestream's part... c.c

3/23/12 - Livestream BAN Problems........

So I worked the whole day away not realizing that the livestream was having horrible problems

this evening when I tried to type, it sent me a message that I apparently banned myself from my own channel

upon researching this terrible bug, it seems that it not only bans the moderators but the users as well...

I did notice a few users come in and out throughout the day but never heard a word from them... Was everyone else banned aside from myself?

please respond... I feel this bug may have given me a bad rep :(

I was able to fix it by resetting the channel... but still.. I feel terrible!

to top it off, once after resseting my procaster I noticed that the thing autoset to my webcam... I hope I wasnt working the whole day with the channel displaying my webcam.. that would be feckin embarrassing!


I'm feckin' MISERABLE!

3/23/12 - Friday Stream About to Begin!

3/23/12 - Friday Stream Reminder

Here's today's reminder for today's stream :)

same time as always!

I'll go ahead and start it up and put on some music, but the actual work wont begin until 12:00 today.

Hope to see y'all there!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/12 - Wednesday Stream Recap

Spent much of the day texturing a 3D mesh and then applying it to the game to see how it looks and feels. The one chap who was there at the time commented that it definitely resembled Castlevania in its way of using 3D backdrops which was exactly what I was going for!

Yesterday I had tweaked the code a bit (I unfortunately had to trash the shading system because it was causing really bad slowdown with the game's engine) and needless to say it ran smoothly during today's stream :D

Everything's looking pretty dang nice so far and I cant wait to have a video ready to show all those who cant join in the streams!

Next stream will be on Friday, and then the one after that will be Saturday morning before the episode (after the episode, I plan to go out and enjoy life. so meh)

There will be stream on Sunday too, but it wont be SQ related. I'll be doing an art project then, but feel free to join in :)

Hope to see y'all on Friday!

3/21/12 - Wednesday Stream About to Start

3/21/12 - Wednesday Stream Reminder

Here's the reminder for today's stream!

Today's todo list:
- More tile work
- Implementing the 3D background for the current tileset-in-progress
- Work on the background 3D mesh
- and of course, progress in the code (I managed to clog that leak, so the game runs a bit more smoothly now. yay.

The stream starts at the same time as it did Monday... 12:00 pm to 7 or 8:30 pm central eastern time (I live in central Tennessee if you wanna look that up.

Keep in mind that the stream's ending is never absolute, the stream could carry into later hours, according to how active the stream is at the time.

I wont be there until I'm ready to start streaming, but for those who want to get an early start you can enter the stream chat to chat with other viewers until I come in and start things up.

Here's the link:

I probably should start a playlist there to keep folk entertained... sorry if its too quiet in there atm :P I'll spend some of my free time tomorrow taking care of that!

Anyway, I will post up a notice of when the stream starts. So see y'all there or sumthin!

Monday, March 19, 2012

3/19/12 - Stream Recap

I've just now wrapped up the stream for the night. Got quiet a bit done too! Though nothing really major. I worked more on the graphics and managed to throw together a few more tiles. Piddled around with my 3D modeling software at an attempt to create a 3D backdrop for the tileset-in-progress

And to the three chaps who joined me in the stream I managed to show them a very buggy, very slow yet somewhat function-able preview of the engine!

And since it was nearing quitting time we had a bit of fun with my buggy mess of a code. I played epic music while Spike slooowly (as in The Matrix style) crossed the room...

Was all in good fun :)

We finished up just by listening to some random bits of music. I brought about nastalgia sickness by playing the theme song 'The Neverending Story' and other cool tunes.

And then I called it a night.

All in a good days work, I say :)

Anyway, the next stream will be on Wednesday... same time, same place!

See y'all around!

3/19/12 - Livestream Now Active!

3/19/12 - Stream Reminder

This is just a reminder about the stream today. It starts 12:00 PM and ends around 7:30 PM central eastern time (for those of you wanting to look that up, I live in central Tennessee of the US)

I'll post up a notice right when it starts.

If you cant make it, I'll try to recap it for you later, but mostly it'll just be me working on graphics, and perhaps later I'll show off some bit of code ;)

Come in whenever (or if ever) you feel like it!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/12 - Stream Has Ended

To the few who were in the stream with me, sorry, my computer crashed and I lost the stream completely.

thankfully I had the graphics saved (except for that 3D house.. for shame!)

but it was fun :) In fact, I think we can easily do it again! I'll stream every weekday monday through friday, 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM central eastern time.

Why am I doing this? Well because I find that I'm much more motivated when people are watching me work :) If you want proof check the image!

So feel free to join in! I'll post a notification with a link to the stream when it starts back up!

See you guys Monday! 

3/17/12 - ***2ND STREAM IN PROGRESS***

As promised, the stream is back up again for the morning! I'll keep it up until about 10 minutes before this weeks episode and then start it back up again 10 minutes after.

Here be the link:

Friday, March 16, 2012


to make up for the lack of a demo tomorrowaI decided to host a livestream of my work on the graphics. It'll be going until midnight tonight and then starting back up again in the morning until the new Pony episode.

So if your really interesed in this sort of thing then get in here!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/6/12 - Your all probably gonna hate me for this...

The demo will be delayed until the 31st of this month...

Yeah, I know, I'm worst than Nintendo when it comes to releasing a major Zelda game :P

But I have some good reasons for this delay. First, me worrying about meeting the March 17th deadline is about to drive me mental! I'm working nearly feverishly trying to get things done but my human limitations are not wanting to cooperate.

I want to make Demo #5 twice as awesome as Demo #4 and so far, even though I've worked endlessly for the past week, I still have nothing to show for it!

The good news is, the editing software is done and ready for the 5th demo (I'll still tweak it as I go, but yeah, I can now start throwing together maps for the demo)

the bad news is, I still only have just the one tileset. And I'm pretty dang sure that most of you out there are tired of seeing the same ol' background for each demo. So the majority of this week will be spent working on actual graphics. The old deadline would had only given me just 10 days (not counting today) to finish everything, and I'll be quiet frank, it aint happenin'.....

Still, considering on that day (March 17th) that Spike is supposed to have his own episode named 'Dragons Quest' I should do something special for that day to make up for the lack of a demo release. Anypony here have any good ideas?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

3/5/12 - Deadline Blues

I'm having awful thoughts right now about not being able to meet the upcoming deadline. Yes, I've been progressing on the game, but even on a full work day I find that I can only accomplish so much!

Today for example I worked from 5 this morning up til now (11:30 pm) and I only managed to get about five minor things done in the map editor! So who am I kidding? I cant possibly meet the March 17th deadline!

Or can I?

Maybe I just need to stop counting down the days and keep my focus on making awesome things happen!

But this notice is a 'just in case' scenario. If I cant meet the March 17th deadline then I'll at least try to have a really awesome video or something ready to make up for the loss. And also if it comes to that then I'll just delay the demo until the end of this month.

Dont lose hope! I'm working as hard as my human brain would allow it!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spikes Quest TDemo#5 Release Date - 3/17/12

A bit sudden, I know, but I just wanted to throw this out there.

Due to the new episode announcement of MLP:FiM called 'Dragon Quest' (an episode involving our beloved baby dragon, Spike) I've decided to set the official release date for Demo #5 to that exact air date of March 17th!

That gives me exactly a month to get this baby ready!

(boy, am I in for a ride, huh?)

Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12 - Updates are now Weekly

I may not be posting much but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

Still working on the map editor (installing the new 3D functions as well as adding new objects and other things to the palette ..) I know I've been at it for several weeks now but I'm sure that the majority of those following this project understands that good things take time :) Once I feel satisfied with the editing software I'll proceed to revamp the game's engine, and that's when you'll get to see the real beauty of my hard work!

I also realize that I haven't been submitting images or videos of the project like you'd probably expect me to... but really... who would want to watch a video of the map and tile data editor? :P I'll post an actual video when the game's revamped engine is fully functioning!

I've also given some thought to the Pinkie's Mini Game series for this project and I've considered doing a mini ponified spoof of Wolfenstien 3D (did I spell that right?) where Spike wonders around a nostalgic 3D dos-like setting collecting cupcakes and fending off Pinkie Pie clones with a pie launcher.

And I did announce in another thread that I've considered a bronified version of Chips Challenge... but I'm considering making that into another mini game for SQ.

On to other news...

As the topic of this post suggests, I'll be posting updates weekly now, as apposed to the old daily update method like I was doing before. This gives me more than enough time to put together something that might be of interest to you readers out there (heaven knows I've been boring you guys with my talk of coding this and coding that... :P you want actual game content, dont you? )

Also, when I post up that video I may actually ditch the old Ponychan thread and make a new one (I hate to do it... its been fun, but I'm getting the vibe that the old thread is a dead horse. A new thread could possibly spark new interests in favor of the project!)

And that's all I have for news for now. Stick around! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2-9-12 - 3D in BlitzMax!

So I finally figured out how to get 3D to work in Blitz Max! (a handy little module called MiniB3D)

If you remember in Demo #3 I had y'all test a 3D background. That was done using Blitz 3D. And long since then I've upgraded the IDE to Blitz Max which from the very start does not actually support 3D in any way, shape or form (unless you create your own engine to do so...)

MiniB3D is a handy little module created and distributed freely amongst the Blitz community. It shares some of the simple functions that the original Blitz 3D IDE has, which is really nice! :)

So you may ask: why would I need 3D for Spikes Quest?

Simply because I'd like to enhance the background scenery. Much like what you see in some recent 2D Castlevania games!

Using a 3D mesh for the background would give me some additional features such as animated textures and a more realistic looking depth than your standard multilayered paralax background.

The 3D uses openGL (Direct X is optional, but is only available for Windows OS's. So I'll be using the first option here...)

Aside from the 3D tests (I've been setting up the module and testing it out on Linux and Mac as well as Windows) I'm still tinkering and adding things to the map editor. As of today I've got quiet a bit done but there's still much more to do!

Look at it this way: the more I get done with the editing software, the more advanced the game becomes! There will be thrice more features in Demo#5 than there was in Demo#4!

So be patient and stay tuned! :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2-2-12 - Shading System a Success!

The test map is a bit rushed, but its still effective for this showcase.

Now tell me that doesn't look cool! :D

A Quick Q&A for the Map and Tile System

In the Ponychan thread for Spikes Quest, Sind!.noTamoDY2 wrote:
This is getting more and more epic by the update :3

But since there is a level editor, do you think there is a possibility for allowing custom graphics?
I'm looking forward to seeing what everypony makes :3

Also, I'd really like to know how the level format works, and how you set it up. Currently, for my own game, I've planned to put all the level date for each level on a separate XML file. But I'm wondering how you made it ^-^

My response:

the level editor is made entirely from scratch code in Blitz Max (everything from memory from several years of personal experience)

the level reads a .tdat file which returns the tile image file and then the data of each individual tile for that image.

and then the level reads a .prlx file which tells the game which parallax background to use (first reading back the flag that tells the game if the background is a 3D mesh, or a set of images)

After that the level (a .gmap file) reads back the map width and height (measured by screens), creates the tiles accordingly (applying the tdat tile data to each individual tile) and then the data for the tile's shading and misc in-game entities (enemies, npc's, items, etc)

If I do publish these editors alongside (or after) the final game is published, then yes, you will be able to load your own customizable tilesets. In fact, that's one of the major improvements that the new map editor has! (in the recent demos, I've kept myself limited to just the one tileset)

In order to use your own custom tiles, you would first separate the tiles into the three groups (main layer, background layer, foreground layer.) The main layer is the tile layer that Spike interacts with and it has two sublayers (background and foreground) for a more manageable effect. Once you have your tiles sorted on a simple image template you would then have to run it through the tile data editor, where you'd set each of the main layer's tile attributes (type of obstacle, surface and then the tile's sub layer)

Once you've done that, then you would have to run a prlx editor to create your own customizable parallax background (unless you just want a blank background in your level)

when your done creating both the tdat and prlx files you can then run them through the map editor where you'd build your own map. You set the map's width and height (again, measured by screens) and select your tdat file. the prlx file is selected in the main editor.

So while your in the editor you can draw out your map with all three tile layers, the parallax background, misc entities such as enemies, NPCs, items, etc and set the shade properties of each tile.

Also for things like signs and doors you would have to manually set their properties. For signs, you would have to select a dlg file which gives each sign their dialog text. and as for the doors you'd have to tell the program which map each door leads to (currently I'm debating about whether I should just stick to setting that property manually in the code)

Once finished, you simply just save the gmap file and load it into the game!

currently I have to load the gmap files through the code. But maybe eventually I'll figure out a more advance and easier way of doing it.

I have been considering making a special map editor for the community and a map player to go along with it which would enable you to make your maps and run them through the player, like a mini game where you could challenge other players to get from point a to point b on your map :)

that's all I can tell you for the moment. the rest will be revealed in future updates.

So stick around!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1-31-12 - Screen Res Change and Other Things

I've been working tirelessly on the editing software for the game in the past week or so. Staying up all night to work on it and sleeping/doing other life related things during the day. The Tile Data editor has been finished and is ready to use and so now I'm now busy working on the map editor. I'm hoping to make some headway into that tonight!

So... with the newer tile/map system being put into place there will also be some slightly notable changes to the game because of it.

The new map system now supports three basic layers for the tiles (more easily manageable than the 2 layer system of the recent demos), and the in-game entities (enemies, items, ponies, etc) are much more easy to manage. There's a new shading system which allows me to darken/lighten scenery with a somewhat dramaic result...

Annnnd the screen is twice as large then it used to be!

That's right, I've decided to up the resolution of the screen from the standard Gameboy Advance resolution to the old school dos res of 320 x 240.

I originally went with the GBA res because I thought it would be cool to make it feel like an actual GBA game. But over time I started wondering if I should expand it and give the game a bit more room to breath. And so we have the mock-up result in the supplied image of this post.

I would seriously like to hear some opinions about the sudden change... Does it seem to benefit the game or does it kinda ruin it?

Your opinions are very much appreciated! :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Game OST - Startup Screen & Ponyville Theme

Originally labelled by its creator as 'Canterlot castle.mp3' the name was changed because I felt it was more fitting for Ponyville. Oh, and the startup screen too. :)

Music by Artax from forums.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Confound you, Derpy!

Yes, Derpy, just please stop distracting me!. Go harass Rainbow Dash or something... :P

Friday, January 20, 2012

Wild Wednesday-7- Spikes Quest Demo 4 LP

I've acquired this LP of Demo 4 a week or so late. But regardless of my tardy (I wasnt expecting to see anymore LP's of this demo) this one is pretty awesome! :)

If you liked Demo 4 give this guy some internets. (he fell in the Troll Pit! lololol)

MEGAUPLOAD Has Been Taken Down! SOPA? - NO U, FEDS! -


Manure just got real, bronies!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19/2012 - TData Editor Progress

Holla bronies! Misterbull here with yet another potentially uninteresting update! I've spent the entirety of today coding and coding and coding and coding some more!

you heard right, I've been keeping myself busy!

Not that the progress I have here so far might seem of interest but I figured I still aughta show off what has been done so far!

The Tile Data Editor is still the focal project atm, it may not look like much of a change but believe me when I say this little program is almost 100% operational. I'm hoping I can move along to the Map Editor revamp tomorrow with what progress I have accomplished today here.

Rest assured, I'm not redoing everything. Just the editors. The game's engine is nearly perfect as it is and doesnt really need a revamp :P

Of course I'll tweak it up a bit before the next demo release.

But anyway, yeah. This just be another silly excuse to bump the old Ponychan thread up again. Yay me!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

1/14/12 - TDAT Editor vs 3.1 Early Look

Okay, so the image here displays the early rework of the tile data editor (this editor allows me to set the data of each tile for collision types and other such things)
what your looking at is a first attempt at a new open file system that reads into the tileset gfx folder and outputs its content. Using this would allow me to easily open the tileset image file (without having to manually type out the file name in the code...) to convert into a new .tdat file  which would then be read by the .gmap file.

I'll also be advancing the tile system to where I can give each tile its own type of surface which would effect sound effects (such as the sounds of walking on wood/stone/wet muddy surfaces/etc)

I've still got a bit to go on this tiny little side project but it'll be worth it in the long run while working on the game.

More to come later!

Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13/12 - Oh Hai

Just to let you guys know I have not forgotten about y'all B)

currently reworking the tile and map system (again!)

bear with me. I'm hoping to get back to updating daily like I used to!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Startling Revelation

 >Celestia only controls one sun.
>But Luna's mane contains billions of other suns.