Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20/12 -

Its been a while since I last updated anything on this project. I've been preoccupied. :P

Anyway, a short little update. I've just registered as a domain name, and in the future I'll be re-uploading the old Spikes Quest Demo files into the server (once I can afford a descent server to do so)

I've received a couple of complaints about the links to the old files being broken. That is because my old name at had long since expired (I plan to renew it eventually, but it wont be used for my pony projects anymore)

I do intend to continue work on SQ. I know I keep going on these long hiatuses but that's because I keep getting too distracted by other projects. Still, I'm hoping to maybe get something done in the coming months or so.

Dont give up hope yet, folks! :P