Friday, February 22, 2013

2-22-13 - Dragon Keys' Extra Function

While talking about the dragon keys a month or so ago, I forgot to mention their other major function in the game.

There will be some doorways throughout the game that you cant open unless you have the propper key to open them. Much like how in most games you have a red key for the red doors, a blue key for the blue doors and so on.

Considering the fact that getting these keys are not really needed to beat the game [unless you want 100% and best ending] I'm still a bit uncertain about how this function will be used. Perhaps gaining one or two of these keys can be essential for completing the game in some way, as you'd need them to access certain key areas.

I'll post more on this as soon as I get some ideas for it. Until then, feel free to post your own ideas/opinions.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2-21-13 - Meh.

Please forgive the uncreative title.

Since I've been back home from my folks, things have been kinda shaky as far as being productive goes. I've been in the process of readjusting to my usual environments again as well as trying to get back to my daily routines.

As of now, I've finally got my bearings and I think I'm ready to start posting blog updates daily again.

Progress on the game will admittedly be slow for the next few weeks though. Reasons being related to real life life. I'll be helping my family here in town with some yard work and with the setup of their new home.

That, topped with a few other personal projects that I actually need to get done. But don't worry, Spikes Quest will be far from forgotten. I just need to figure out a proper schedule for working on it.

I'm hoping that with reviving the blog again, I can regain that lost hype that I've lost in the past month here. Wish me the best of luck!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

So I heard what happened to Fighting is Magic

Just saw an article on EqD bearing ill news about Fighting is Magic. And it has me a bit concerned for the sake of Spikes Quest.

Not that this game would had ever competed with the awesomeness that would had been Fighting is Magic, but I still had some pretty wild ambitions for this game. But if legal issues are a huge threat to such projects then I have to question the stability of the production path for SQ.

Should I be afraid of the potential Cease and Desist notices from Hasbro? Should I maybe discontinue the use of their IP and try something a bit more... original?

I'm a bit on the fence here.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Game Purchases for Dev Study

So in the past two months or so I've spent a hefty lumpsum of my spoils budget on video-games for the sake of enjoyment and development study. Here's what I had in my Ebay Cart recently: [checkem after the break!]

2-5-13 - The Benefits of Making Spikes Quest

Obviously I cant <$>profit</$> from developing Spikes Quest, simply because its a fan game and I'd probably get into some kind of trouble for trying. But there are still benefits to be had here.

The engine behind Spikes Quest is purely of my own making, everything from the simple jump commands to the more complex things [if you can call a bending bridge 'complex']

this is an engine that I can take and use for something much more original, and I plan to do just that.

I'd like to someday develop a game all of my own design and of a world and fiction that are also entirely of my own making. And the Spikes Quest engine will go towards that endeavor.

Also, there is the benefit in SQ that I've accomplished an actual game complete with original artwork [no, I wont be including the older pixel traced pieces from Demo 4, I will be sketching my own pieces to replace those] and other things. Granted I might receive help from others throughout the production [and they will be credited accordingly] but I can still say that I've accomplished something once the project is actually finished.

So to the few who say I'm wasting my time working on this thing and that I'm stupid for doing so: I can simply just thumb my nose at them and go "Nyah nyah, what now ya silly trolls?" and then proceed to get trolled even more or something. 9_9

Friday, February 1, 2013

2-1-13 - Well I'm Back

I've been back home for the past week actually, just getting mysel situated back into my living space again and I'm just now getting my mind back on SQ.

I apologies for taking so long, but as of today I'll start updating daily again as well as doing some actual work.

Stay tuned!