Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Game Purchases for Dev Study

So in the past two months or so I've spent a hefty lumpsum of my spoils budget on video-games for the sake of enjoyment and development study. Here's what I had in my Ebay Cart recently: [checkem after the break!]

Castlevania [The Complete DS collection]
I've been meaning to buy this little 'trilogy' for my 3DS for quiet some time. The beautiful 2D graphics [often mixed with the 3D backgrounds] are some of the elements that inspired a bit of the planned graphical designs of Spikes Quest. These games will benefit the project mostly on graphical inspiration as well as Metroidvania style game-play study.

[before anybody tells me I should had just used emulators for these: Yeah, I have used emulation for game study before, but you simply cannot recapture the spirit of these games in an emulator. The console is where its at for me! Also, I just like having the original physical copies. Dont ask why, I just do :P ]

Final Fantasy III [For the DS]
I've been watching LPs of this game on Youtube for some time now, I rather enjoy how Square-Enix designed everything [using a 3D overhead view]. The simple low-poly mesh-work mixed with well made low-res textures is inspiration for the 3D work I'd like to use for Spikes Quest [I'm going for a nostalgic feel here folks, so this should make sense]. I also rather enjoy the GUI of this game, with the in-game menus and character stats.

ICO and Shadows of the Colossus [PS2]
These games are fricken' beautiful! What more can I say? - - Alright, well I'll have to admit, I cant think of anything that these games would benefit the production with [aside from maybe atmosphere as well as a small bit of graphical inspiration] I bought these games purely for the sake of escape. Something I can just play on my off-time and some relaxation.

For those of you who don't know much about these two games, they are actually connected, ICO, despite being released way before SotC is actually a game that takes place a century or so after the events of SotC. Just thought I'd put that little interesting tidbit out there :3

Castlevania Curse of Darkness [PS2]
I had already posted in a much older blog post about my purchase of the other PS2 Castlevania game Lament of Innocence nearly a year ago. Just thought I'd go ahead and get this one to complete the PS2 duo series. Curse of Darkness in my humble opinion is waaay more superior than LoI in regards to graphical quality, music, voice acting and perhaps even story. Its the game I'm currently playing on my living room telly and I'm rather enjoying it :) . The productivity benefits so far is that the GUI, some textures and the overall atmosphere have given me some pretty cool ideas for SQ. Nothing much worth mentioning here though.

Tomb Raider Legend [PS2]
What can I say? I'm a Tomb Raider kind of guy! And no, for me its not about the so called 'sex appeal' of lady Lara [I'm being honest. Stop looking at me like I'm some kinda perv!]

No, I rather like the games for the atmosphere. I love ruins. I love caves. And I love exploring!

I already own a copy of Tomb Raider Anniversary [both on my PS2 and PSP], Tomb Raider Underworld [for the XBox 360... a shame the damned console don't work now] and the original Tomb Raider [on my PS3 and PSP as a downloadable game]. So really, it was about damned time I added Legend to my collection.

Mega Man + Mega Man X + Sanic teh Hegerhawg PS2 Collections
Purchased these for the sake of nostalgia. These three PS2 collection discs are loaded down with games as well as other content. Needless to say, these will probably keep me entertained on a rainy off day! I'd like to maybe purchase more collections like this in the future so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Unfortunately, no, I cant think of anything these games can contribute to the production. Maybe graphics? Maybe even atmosphere? Iunno. Its just an escape... like ICO and SotC.

Yes, my friends, that's a $#!t load of games. And they all look nice sitting in my media bookcase. And damn are they going to keep me busy for a good. long. while. :P

my poor wallet ;_;


  1. o,0 woah, i played all those games, except for ico, the sonic thingy, and ff3, they are all great games dammit!!

    aaahh the nostalgia of my younger days T-T

    the castlevania and megaman x series are my favorites!!!

    oh, also, since im seeing you like megaman, have you ever tried the megaman zero games? and have you heard the ''remastered megaman zero tracks'' in youtuve? if not, you're losing good stuff dude ^^

    1. I was never truly a big Megaman fanboy [niether am I really good at any of the series 9_9 ] but I really can appreciate the challenge and game-play of the series. I intend to play through all 7 of the original Megaman games [and maybe move along to play the more recent ones on the PS3]

      I'll eventually play through the Megaman X games as well, but it may be a while before I get to them.

      I have played a bit of the Zero series [GBA and DS titles] but not much to completely familiarize myself with the games. It may interest you that the Zero series is on my want list for the DS and eventually the GBA [as soon as I can get one] ... were there any Zero titles for the main consoles though? If there are, I'll gladly look into them as well :P

      I do rather enjoy some of the Megaman soundtracks, so I'll give the 'remastered' stuff a look. thanks for the suggestions!

    2. you are vey welcome, and as far as i know, there are 4 megaman zero games for the gba, and 2 secuels of it called megaman zx for the ds, also, note that all of these games come after the x series, that is kinda cool ^^