Friday, February 22, 2013

2-22-13 - Dragon Keys' Extra Function

While talking about the dragon keys a month or so ago, I forgot to mention their other major function in the game.

There will be some doorways throughout the game that you cant open unless you have the propper key to open them. Much like how in most games you have a red key for the red doors, a blue key for the blue doors and so on.

Considering the fact that getting these keys are not really needed to beat the game [unless you want 100% and best ending] I'm still a bit uncertain about how this function will be used. Perhaps gaining one or two of these keys can be essential for completing the game in some way, as you'd need them to access certain key areas.

I'll post more on this as soon as I get some ideas for it. Until then, feel free to post your own ideas/opinions.


  1. wow, i just had an idea, look, the whole point of getting the keys is to get the dragon blade right? and the whole point of getting the blade is that it will give you new powers (kill impossible mobs, see hidden stuff, light dark rooms) right?

    so how about you make a room like this


    [ = a wall with no door
    _ = floor
    | = a barrier, only unlocked by a dragon key
    ] = a wall with a door (where spike enters)
    x = the dragon blade

    you see my idea now? you make this room especially for the use of the keys and for you to obtain the dragon blade. and when that happens, you can make another barrier, say... in one of the walls of the last boss, so when you get the dragon blade, you can unlock that barrier, and fight the very last boss and get best ending. how about that?

    1. hmm, interesting concept.

      Its very similar to the enemy barriers in Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow for the DS.

      I'll actually give your idea some thought. Thanks :)

    2. hehe, i based my ideas on that too =P anyways, you could also put hidden barries all across the map, which can only be accesible when you get a special ability or something? (im thinking of megaman armor parts, some of them are accesible after you get the ability of a certain boss) and after all the keys are collected, you go to a room that has one door, and can only open after you get all the keys (something like the very last door that needed all of the biometal codes to open, in the megaman zx game for the DS) and there will be the dragon blade heh

      and another more original idea, but idk if its possible, look, one just get all the keys, and when you fight the last boss and kill it, an event unlocks, and you get access to the dragon blade, then, the boss (almost dead) transforms into the last boss, but he leaves to another room, that way, you get the player to have the sword after killing the boss and getting the keys (new idea, the keys can be the parts of the dragon blade, and when you have them all, they combine and form it). then the player has full freedom of going to other areas before facing the very last boss.

      hehe, sorry for the wall of text, but my brain said i should say all of this ideas, lol, silly brain XD

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  3. It has been 1 month since your last blog update.
    I hope that your project hasn't fallen apart.