Thursday, March 28, 2013

3-28-13 - Busy busy busy and then busy.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been pretty busy helping family out on a new home (we're actually kinda building one entirely from scratch from the interior) :P

So while digging a new septic tank hole [manually with a shovel, mind you], moving large stacks of lumber around the yard piece by piece, and getting myself covered with insulation fuzzies, I've honestly have been feeling a bit sore and pretty much discouraged from working on any of my projects.

I'm still determined to work on Spikes Quest and all its side projects, but until I get more time and more room for focus on the project then things will eventually get back on track.

On the bright side, my uncle is paying me off with a brand new [and a very powerful] computer with a four core processor and a top of the line graphics card. A nice tool that may yet benefit Spikes Quest as well as a few other endeavors. :)

I'll try to update more often.


  1. raise this house, raise this house 1, 2, 3, 4 together we can raise this house 1, 2, 3, 4....

    sorry, but i had to do it =D DUUUUUDE!!! you are an awesome person, keep helping your familly, and lets hope you dont get injured in the process, me, as a physical therapist in training enourage you to take care of your own body so you can keep doing awesome stuff for you and your family ^^

    and dont worry about the updates, its ok if you let us know about your state from time to time.

    best of luck to you man, cheers ^^

  2. I feel as if I am merely a cheerleader, but if it helps you.

    It's nice that you keep on truckin.
    I'm confident that you will succeed. (92%)

  3. My dreamer state has pulled my back here again, to show that I still watch in a strange sense, pushing you to completion.

    It seems that to "update more often" has slipped your mind, it has been more than 1 month since the last update. mayhap the world created a more pressing matter that pulls (or pushes you) out of this realm?

    There is a strange depression associated with the cancellation with these gaming projects, and while i do not fear that you will stop (I still have faith in you to complete) I feel that you may be taking a long break from your game, possibly like the one I did for my own project ZE_BURNING_SKY a CSS map, where I quit the project, but then the pangs of my denied dreams pulled me back to it, though I still am only weakly committing to it. Much like what happened with the MLP immolation game (which i have committed quite some energies to), but instead of a full on complete cancel, a cancel, with a resurgence.

    I feel you hay have misteped, losing your footing, I am here from the maelstrom to help you regain your footing. (though, I am very weak as a force out of the maelstrom, it is intimately up to you to get into action)