Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20/13 - An Update After 3 Months

Aparently, my last update was back in March. I've been completely absent from this project for three whole months.

Just letting you guys know I'm still alive and well, just been terribly busy with life in general.

I've also been absent from the fandom, and after looking back into it after all this time, I cant help but feel that its been dwindling... I'll miss the days of old, when being a Brony felt like something new and awesome. Now it just feels like a fading fad.

It makes me feel sad, really. :(

Rest assured, I've decided not to leave the fandom, so maybe there's a bit of hope for Spikes Quest.

I'll try to get back to updating more often too. Its a bit wrong that I've left you guys in the dark.

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