Thursday, April 9, 2015

4-9-15 - Config System Update (and yes, I'm still alive)

First a response...

You're probably right to begin doubting the completion of this project. I've been failing to post updates after all. And I honestly haven't had much headway since the last progress report. Sure, there were times I've considered calling the project off and maybe finding a team to hand it over to, but deep down inside I really want to see myself completing this thing.

I've felt a great deal of guilt for my lack of work on this project. Life itself has taken its toll on my ability to tackle this mountain and get much done on it. I've felt overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to get it done. And I've been overwhelmed by other projects that have been on my shoulder for a some time.

I've lacked the certain motivation needed for this game.

That being said... No, I'm not giving up on this project just yet. I want to make one final attempt at this. And if that fails, I will throw in the towel.

Now despite all this, there has been some bit of progress that I will report in today's post. I have actually managed to complete the external config system for Spikes Quest. Now it is absolutely possible to set the preferred screen size, set up your control configuration for both your keyboard and game pad and set the preferred sound volume. Here's what the external config system looks like:

I'm looking to get more done in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned.