Sunday, March 4, 2012

3/5/12 - Deadline Blues

I'm having awful thoughts right now about not being able to meet the upcoming deadline. Yes, I've been progressing on the game, but even on a full work day I find that I can only accomplish so much!

Today for example I worked from 5 this morning up til now (11:30 pm) and I only managed to get about five minor things done in the map editor! So who am I kidding? I cant possibly meet the March 17th deadline!

Or can I?

Maybe I just need to stop counting down the days and keep my focus on making awesome things happen!

But this notice is a 'just in case' scenario. If I cant meet the March 17th deadline then I'll at least try to have a really awesome video or something ready to make up for the loss. And also if it comes to that then I'll just delay the demo until the end of this month.

Dont lose hope! I'm working as hard as my human brain would allow it!

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