Saturday, March 31, 2012

4/1/12 - Spikes Quest Cancelled

I've decided that due to the enormous stress this project has caused me in the past year alone that I am to cancel it and replace it instead with a newer much more worthy project.

Boots Adventure

you know, Boots from Dora the Explorer? yeah, that monkey thing... I'm making a side scrolling adventure with him because he's so much more amazing than Spike the Dragon!

The game will be a 4 level Mario style game where you go around collecting  purple seashells and helping his Spanish human girlfriend (Dora) get from point A to point B.

There will be no enemies and there will be no traps. And the story is nothing more than to help some dumb blond mermaid who lost her precious pearl in a large jar of pebbles or something silly like that

Doesnt that just sound exciting? :D

Oh, and to make it even more epic, I'll be throwing in a brief cameo by Tom Bombadil from the Tolkien Novels where he'll help our monkey out by singing him riddles while prancing about on some random floating lily-pads.

You cant deny that's not epic!


  1. My soul was completely crushed while Flutterwonder still played. I stopped it. There was a really long silence. I looked at this entry's name. My left leg was completely immovile, and I swear I had completely ripped off the flesh or something.
    By some strange reason, I fled the room. I went running off, to search bread to eat. "Mayonaise, mayonaise help me stop making this post appear more lame than intended."
    I grabbed the bread so hard all of the mayonaise fell right into the floor. My mother was right behind me, and for some strange reason I decided to lap up the mayonaise, full of dust.
    I walked into the computer room again, the screen telling me something that couldn't be possible.
    "It's not March anymore" I heard somewhere in my house.
    "It's not March anymore, it's not March anymore" it played in an endless loop in my head, and I couldn't get it out.

    And then, I remember that today is April the first. And nothing happened. Flutterwonder kept on playing in my mind, its unintelligible lyrics burrowed deep inside my very core.

    And then, I noticed I ran out of semi-complex words. And then, I said "don't let me down, don't let me fall, I can't put myself together". Seriously.

    All of this post is entirely true. Well, the "my soul being crushed" was not entirely true, but I truly felt my lungs failing me for a second. I grabbed my throat again, this freaking pain of being sick is worse than asfixiating myself.

    And THEN, I laughed. I laughed like never before, and I don't know why.

    But now I know. Thank you and don't think I'm creepy.

    1. When Tom Bombadil appeared I thought I was going to be lol'ing forever...