Monday, March 19, 2012

3/19/12 - Stream Recap

I've just now wrapped up the stream for the night. Got quiet a bit done too! Though nothing really major. I worked more on the graphics and managed to throw together a few more tiles. Piddled around with my 3D modeling software at an attempt to create a 3D backdrop for the tileset-in-progress

And to the three chaps who joined me in the stream I managed to show them a very buggy, very slow yet somewhat function-able preview of the engine!

And since it was nearing quitting time we had a bit of fun with my buggy mess of a code. I played epic music while Spike slooowly (as in The Matrix style) crossed the room...

Was all in good fun :)

We finished up just by listening to some random bits of music. I brought about nastalgia sickness by playing the theme song 'The Neverending Story' and other cool tunes.

And then I called it a night.

All in a good days work, I say :)

Anyway, the next stream will be on Wednesday... same time, same place!

See y'all around!

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