Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/6/12 - Your all probably gonna hate me for this...

The demo will be delayed until the 31st of this month...

Yeah, I know, I'm worst than Nintendo when it comes to releasing a major Zelda game :P

But I have some good reasons for this delay. First, me worrying about meeting the March 17th deadline is about to drive me mental! I'm working nearly feverishly trying to get things done but my human limitations are not wanting to cooperate.

I want to make Demo #5 twice as awesome as Demo #4 and so far, even though I've worked endlessly for the past week, I still have nothing to show for it!

The good news is, the editing software is done and ready for the 5th demo (I'll still tweak it as I go, but yeah, I can now start throwing together maps for the demo)

the bad news is, I still only have just the one tileset. And I'm pretty dang sure that most of you out there are tired of seeing the same ol' background for each demo. So the majority of this week will be spent working on actual graphics. The old deadline would had only given me just 10 days (not counting today) to finish everything, and I'll be quiet frank, it aint happenin'.....

Still, considering on that day (March 17th) that Spike is supposed to have his own episode named 'Dragons Quest' I should do something special for that day to make up for the lack of a demo release. Anypony here have any good ideas?


  1. I just saw this today, March 16th. I was really pooped because I was waiting for this as much as I was waiting for the Spike episode. However, I'm not a total douche, so I don't hate you. I think you are one of the best people ever for taking more than 8 months to work on a game that you will release FOR FREE. Making this game doesn't help you at all, so how does anyone have any reason to be mad at you for not finishing it? It really frustrates me how some people try to make someone do something faster that he doesn't have to do at all.
    That said, I still think there are a few errors on your part. If I am correct, this is the third time you've changed the deadline for this demo. If you aren't 100% sure you can finish by the deadline, you shouldn't have a deadline in the first place. Deadlines are for employers to give to employees to make sure they actually do work. You are technically your own employer, and using deadlines is fine, if you want to. However, I think that in your case, it would be better to work at your own pace and screw deadlines and everyone telling you to work faster and release the demo whenever you want. From my experience, deadlines just make you work faster and do sloppier work and make other people angry when you don't finish on time.
    As for ideas for tomorrow, I got nothing really great for you. You could make a video of your progress so far or maybe repost demo #4 again. I don't really know.

    I don't hate you. Everyone else shouldn't hate you. You should just drop deadlines entirely. I got no good ideas for you for tomorrow.

  2. @mallam,

    you know, your right. I really shouldnt be pressuring myself over this game. I work on it when I can and its ready when its ready!

    thanks for the comment! :)