Friday, March 30, 2012

Stream Related News - Changes are being made...

So I was about to set up everything for the stream, but of course I've been dragging my behind the whole time about it. A feeling of not really wanting to do anything at all today. Facts to be I've spent half of today watching YouTube videos... procrastinating.

So what is it with me losing motivation over the whole livestream thing? Most of it would be because of my usual disappointment on how few viewers I get each day. Most of the time I'm there by myself just tinkering away on some small bits of graphics or code, but sometimes one or two (or if I'm lucky, three) people would come in to check out my progress. But eventually they'd often just get bored and leave (or some other more important reasons, they'd leave).

Once again, I'm not griping or complaining about the lack of viewers. I fully understand that there are logical reasons behind the matter. I just tend to get bummed out about it sometimes, and I lose the will to keep working on things.

So I'm thinking that maybe the whole Livestream thing is becoming more of a burden than an actual asset. I'd probably work best if I scrapped the whole streaming thing and worked at my own leisure and without the depressing concerns of if I'm boring the hell out of my viewers or something.

So here's what's being changed. I wont be hosting a stream five or six times a week like I have been doing. But I will host a livestream on Saturdays before the Pony episodes to showcase what has been done and answer a few questions.

I'll also keep doing my art streams on Thursdays and Sundays, because I find great pleasure in having a few good chaps watch me draw things.

In between these stream dates, I'll work on the game. Building up the graphics and the code in an effort to make the Saturday stream damn well worth it!

And also between these times, I can try to build up hype and promote the upcoming streams through forums, blogs and the SQ youtube channel

What do you guys think of that plan?

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  1. Sounds like a plan. I think maybe you're trying to push yourself too hard. Five to six times a week is an awful lot of streaming and a whole lot of pressure. Once a week sounds more manageable if you think you can build up a sizable amount of new interesting stuff to show each week. Make those Saturdays extra special!

    Don't worry about how many followers you have. And don't think that you have to stream for our sakes. Just focus on making the best, most awesome game you can. Pace yourself, please, don't burn yourself out. ^_^

    "If you try to please everypony, you often times end up pleasing nopony, especially yourself."