Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/12 - Wednesday Stream Reminder

Here's the reminder for today's stream!

Today's todo list:
- More tile work
- Implementing the 3D background for the current tileset-in-progress
- Work on the background 3D mesh
- and of course, progress in the code (I managed to clog that leak, so the game runs a bit more smoothly now. yay.

The stream starts at the same time as it did Monday... 12:00 pm to 7 or 8:30 pm central eastern time (I live in central Tennessee if you wanna look that up.

Keep in mind that the stream's ending is never absolute, the stream could carry into later hours, according to how active the stream is at the time.

I wont be there until I'm ready to start streaming, but for those who want to get an early start you can enter the stream chat to chat with other viewers until I come in and start things up.

Here's the link:

I probably should start a playlist there to keep folk entertained... sorry if its too quiet in there atm :P I'll spend some of my free time tomorrow taking care of that!

Anyway, I will post up a notice of when the stream starts. So see y'all there or sumthin!

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