Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday 3/28/12 - Stream Recap

Just now called quits on the stream for the night. it was slow as expected, but it went alright, I guess. I've started work on Ponyville if anybody wants to know.

Anyway, before the stream, I guess I was just being a bit too hard on myself which made me think about cutting the stream's up-time over the week. I was in one of those heavy doubt stages, not only concerning the stream but the project as a whole. I half wondered if I'd ever even complete it.

But during the stream, as I worked I kinda let up on those thoughts and started to feel slightly proud again. I may just keep the stream times the same as they were and forget about the time deduction thingie.

Next stream will be on Friday as promised. And I might actually start it extra early... like say maybe 7:00am CET

I know allot of you folks out there haven't been able to attend the stream due to work or school (or odd time zones), and believe me when I say I'd like to make it easier on y'all, I just don't know how to at the moment. I'm hoping that as Summertime approaches things will at least get easier for you school types!

anyway, I hope to see some of y'all in the next stream. Who knows, I might one of these days hold an announcement stream with the promise of a demo on that same day!

we shall see.... we shall see....

In other news, I will be hosting another art stream tomorrow starting early in the morning and lasting until late in the evening! It will be the continuation of the artwork labelled "For I Have the Upper Ground" feel free to come in and watch me draw!

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