Monday, April 2, 2012

4/2/12 - lol April Fools! and other News

Just in case y'all didn't guess it. Yesterday was April 1st. And my whole 'Spikes Quest is cancelled' bit was a total April Fools joke. ;) (the whole Boots Adventure game concept should had been a dead giveaway, really...)

So let's get back to some actual legit news...

Taking the advise of Thirtyfour (from the Ponychan thread), I've decided to host the streams once every other week instead of every week. This means there will be one stream per every two weeks (twice a month) where I'll host previews, updates and maybe do some actual work for y'all's viewing pleasure!

As of now, I've decided to take a break on the graphics and code and start work on the game's actual documentation. These docs will include an actual story for the game, items that you can collect, enemies, NPC's, etc, etc and it'll all be quiet extensive with certain details and illustrations. However these docs wont be published to the public (unless you wont to be spoiled to heck and back) they will only serve as a reference for the game's development. I may actually spend a few weeks working on these docs and maybe... just maybe, I might release it as an actual online wiki a few months after the actual game is published!

Ad that's all the news I have for now. I'll try to keep you all updated. But if you dont hear from me for a while, dont lose hope! I may just be really busy working up something magical ;)


  1. Is it just me or you didn't really say when the streams would be?
    I'm guessing something like Saturday, I don't really know why.
    Or... have you already said it and I'm just being an idiot for not reading?

    1. I haven't stated any dates as of yet. I've been a bit too lazy lately to even plan them properly. :P hopefully that will change here soon

  2. my bro Boots never gets any love... :`(

    v sensible plan although I'd def like to see the docs before the game is released (it's easy to just skip over the spoileriffic bits and frankly if someone isn't responsible enough to stop themselves from reading them it's their problem, not yours)

    1. of course. but its usually that irresponsibility that could ruin things for others. say if one person reads the spoiler bits and then passes it along to someone else, and then a chain reaction happens where everyone eventually knows about all the spoilers.

      Not that this project is popular enough for such a thing to happen or anything.

      anyway, knowing myself I'd probably release the docks too soon because I fail at keeping secret things secret :P