Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12 - Updates are now Weekly

I may not be posting much but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

Still working on the map editor (installing the new 3D functions as well as adding new objects and other things to the palette ..) I know I've been at it for several weeks now but I'm sure that the majority of those following this project understands that good things take time :) Once I feel satisfied with the editing software I'll proceed to revamp the game's engine, and that's when you'll get to see the real beauty of my hard work!

I also realize that I haven't been submitting images or videos of the project like you'd probably expect me to... but really... who would want to watch a video of the map and tile data editor? :P I'll post an actual video when the game's revamped engine is fully functioning!

I've also given some thought to the Pinkie's Mini Game series for this project and I've considered doing a mini ponified spoof of Wolfenstien 3D (did I spell that right?) where Spike wonders around a nostalgic 3D dos-like setting collecting cupcakes and fending off Pinkie Pie clones with a pie launcher.

And I did announce in another thread that I've considered a bronified version of Chips Challenge... but I'm considering making that into another mini game for SQ.

On to other news...

As the topic of this post suggests, I'll be posting updates weekly now, as apposed to the old daily update method like I was doing before. This gives me more than enough time to put together something that might be of interest to you readers out there (heaven knows I've been boring you guys with my talk of coding this and coding that... :P you want actual game content, dont you? )

Also, when I post up that video I may actually ditch the old Ponychan thread and make a new one (I hate to do it... its been fun, but I'm getting the vibe that the old thread is a dead horse. A new thread could possibly spark new interests in favor of the project!)

And that's all I have for news for now. Stick around! :)

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