Thursday, February 9, 2012

2-9-12 - 3D in BlitzMax!

So I finally figured out how to get 3D to work in Blitz Max! (a handy little module called MiniB3D)

If you remember in Demo #3 I had y'all test a 3D background. That was done using Blitz 3D. And long since then I've upgraded the IDE to Blitz Max which from the very start does not actually support 3D in any way, shape or form (unless you create your own engine to do so...)

MiniB3D is a handy little module created and distributed freely amongst the Blitz community. It shares some of the simple functions that the original Blitz 3D IDE has, which is really nice! :)

So you may ask: why would I need 3D for Spikes Quest?

Simply because I'd like to enhance the background scenery. Much like what you see in some recent 2D Castlevania games!

Using a 3D mesh for the background would give me some additional features such as animated textures and a more realistic looking depth than your standard multilayered paralax background.

The 3D uses openGL (Direct X is optional, but is only available for Windows OS's. So I'll be using the first option here...)

Aside from the 3D tests (I've been setting up the module and testing it out on Linux and Mac as well as Windows) I'm still tinkering and adding things to the map editor. As of today I've got quiet a bit done but there's still much more to do!

Look at it this way: the more I get done with the editing software, the more advanced the game becomes! There will be thrice more features in Demo#5 than there was in Demo#4!

So be patient and stay tuned! :D

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