Monday, January 30, 2012

Game OST - Startup Screen & Ponyville Theme

Originally labelled by its creator as 'Canterlot castle.mp3' the name was changed because I felt it was more fitting for Ponyville. Oh, and the startup screen too. :)

Music by Artax from forums.


  1. There's a bit of clipping on the high notes at the start of the song. It's YouTube's fault, right...?

    I think the song fits perfectly. At first it feels kind of sad, but then I got used to it. I can really imagine someone/somepony walking around the town with it in the background.

    I can imagine there will be the typical text on the start-up screen. You know, the game's logo, a bit of text about the creator and the time of creation, all that kind of things. I can only say that this sounds and looks very promising, and knowing what you've done with the demos, I know the final product will be awesome.
    Just... don't force yourself too much.

  2. @Fraszle

    Forgive me for seeming like a total newbie but I'm not exactly sure what clipping sounds like :P As far as I can tell the music sounds fine though. It may just be Youtube on your end.

    And I'll most certainly be including such text on the startup screen. Since I'm the only one coding and there may be just a small handful of music composers and official testers, I'd imagine that the credits would be small and manageable just on a single screen... we'll just have to see how that works!

    Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. Well, it's not I know too much about it, but from what I undertand, clipping is a distortion that happens when a sound is way too loud and makes it sound without dynamics. You know, like if it where the same volume all the time. It can cause something called "listener fatigue" if it gets really serious (But I don't think so, because it's just a little of it, it doesn't sound distorted all the time). It's at the start of the song, one particular one happenes at 0:06. It's a little sound that is not too bothering in this particular song. But believe me, sometimes it can go really bad, and can make some instruments sound like white noise. (Or static, as you want to call it...)
    And yes, I guess it's just YouTube. It's a video-centric site after all, it's not really focused on music...

    I don't know why, but I imagine having the credits screen after a little portion of the game: like, having to do a little introductory part, then show the credits with something on the background (it depends, you shouldn't tell us exactly what you'll do) and after a while, just continue with the rest. It may not work very well since, as you said, there's not a big number of people involved in the development, and it could feel a little strange. I still think that whatever you will do is going to end up well.

  4. I'll try and clean up some of the clipping.
    Alot of the music /will/ sound un-clean in general. That's a good and a bad thing really.

    It's great because I've been lifting samples from Nintendo (SNES/GBA/DS) to try and give a slightly more authentically 16-bit era feel.
    It's bad because it means messing about with 8bit sampling which I've not really had to worry about since ProTracker on my Amiga. :">