Saturday, June 23, 2012

6-24-12 - Monkey related update

The response in my last update concerning the upgrade to Monkey coder was a mixed bag. What I failed to mention in that update was that the code transfer was a thought for later when the game was actually completed.

I dont intend on changing to an entirely different coding language anytime soon, so those of you who may have been concerned can feel rest assured. ;)

I have toyed with the demo version of Monkey and I've found that its an entirely different coding experience. There are some familiar bits of basic coding in it, but the language has its differences from Blitz Max. I'd still like to purchase it just to play around with it and see what I can do concerning HTML5 and the Android OS (I'd later like to try my hands at the iOS system as well as the other supported platforms)

But at the moment, Spikes Quest WILL remain a Blitz Max coded application.


  1. Hey Spike Man, did you play this?

  2. @Mr. BigWin

    Nope, never even seen it before.

    Does it scare me away from this project? Not in the slightest!

    That's a very cool looking game though, and I may give it a try sometimes. ;)