Monday, August 1, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-1-2011

I've been kind of stuck on one of the bugs lately... and because of this I might actually have to delay Demo #4 for another day. Bad news aside, this should give me some time to improve on other things before the 4th demo release.

I'd like to actually make the next demo something more than just a few bug fixings and the new config system. In fact I'd like to expand things a bit.

That being said, I'm thinking about getting Blitz Max and upgrading the game into that language. I have the money and the time to do it, the real question is would I have the patience of the game's followers?

In the long run I feel it'd be well worth the investment! I'd be able to port the game to Lynux and Mac (no more Wine conversion issues! [FlutterYay] and I'd be able to do certain things I normally cant do in Blitz 3D.

As far as 3D backgrounds are concerned, there are ways to apply such but right now it is the least of my worries. :P

Anyway, to those of you who are following this project, would you mind maybe waiting another week for the 4th demo? And what are your thoughts about me changing to BMax?


  1. The great Shigeru Miyamoto once said that, "Delayed games are good later; rushed games are bad forever." (Or something similar, I don't have the exact quote.)

    If you think the game would be significantly improved by switching to Blitz Max, I'd say go for it; we're not going to suddenly refuse to play the game just because we got it later than we would've otherwise.

    (PS: The language police in me compels me to say that it's "Linux", not "Lynux". :P)

  2. From what I read about it on Wikipedia, this might be a good choice given that it covers Windows, Linux and Mac OS softwares.

    I don't know how large the Mac OS desktop/laptop market is, but there's definitely a huge market for Ipod/Ipad related games which run on Mac-type software, we wouldn't want to leave them out.

  3. @SoFDMC

    I've seen somewhere on the blitz website (possibly the forums) something about developing for ipads and other such devices. I'll actually look into it more if I can find the information again

  4. GabuEx is right, despite my fiending to play it, some of my favorite games were ruined by inpatient nincompoops. If it takes a little more time to deliver this pony goodness, so be it.