Friday, August 19, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-19-2011

So yesterday was a day filled with fun, sand, fish and civil war history. I even brought back some nice little trinkets to remember the trip by (see crappy 3DS pic) and I took plenty of pictures which I'll be posting up later on! 

Today is casino day and I may go blow the rest of my month's budget on the slot machines (wish me luck, bronies!)

Tonight when I get back home I plan to go full speed ahead on the project and get stuff done for once! Stay tuned, tomorrow may have a nice update! :D

In the meantime here's a question to my fellow bronies: After the casino trip, What should I do with my winnings? Should I go blow it all on Ponies? Or should I go blow it on Ponies? chose my actions wisely for I take this question very srsly... liek teh internetz.


  1. Personally I am against gambling in all shape and form. It sounds ridiculous to burn money you earned putting up with your boss and co-workers just like that in a span of a few hours.

    As they say in Fallout New Vegas, the House always wins. You are probably better off saving that for any expenditure for this project or buying the upcoming CoD Modern Warfare 3

  2. Meanwhile I have been working on a fanfiction that some day I hope to post on Equestria Daily.

    I sent one about a month back but was rejected and 'shredded' if you will by those pre-readers. I since have balked at the idea of contributing anything to them.

    Meanwhile the artwork and fanfics keep piling up and all of my original ideas gets used up by other stories that I am sure if I were to post my fanfic right now, it would be referred to as a 'clone of Fanfic XYZ'.

    Not cool.