Thursday, August 25, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-25-2011

For this morning's little showcase I have for display is the heart system located at the top left of the screenshot there.

So what's so nifty about it? well, they function just like the hearts in Zelda for one, meaning 11 of those heart pieces have to be collected. you originally start with 3 heart pieces in the game and you gradually level up with additional ones throughout the game.

I believe that I'll actually make that a challenge in the 4th test demo. y'all will get to go on a little scavenger hunt trying to locate all additional 11 heart containers whilst exploring an extensive map and avoiding obstacles (and other things)

Did I mention that the each heart piece also consist of 4 pieces and the current heart flashes (making it visually easier to see)?



  1. Sweeeeeeet. :D

    This is really starting to look like a bona fide game!

  2. So are we getting the beep of doom if our hearts go below 3/4 of what we got?

  3. @Liunt
    I haven't actually thought of that... maybe..