Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-17-2011

Yeah, I almost skipped a day on updating things. Let's just face the facts, I have nothing new to post about and things probably will continue to be slow until I'm home free from my little 'vacation' in Mobile Alabama. Family will continue to demand my attention with trips to the beach or some sweaty yard work plucking weeds and other fun stuff like that.

And because things will continue to be slow and nearly unproductive, I may not have much to post as far as updates go.

I swore I'd never skip a day in updating and trying to keep this project alive but I may have to break promises for some very logical reasons.

The good thing is that this project aint dead! And it wont ever be dead unless for some silly reason I get a cease and desist letter from Hasbro or The Hub or the whole fanbase suddenly tells me to stfu and gtfo (which I just cant see happening)

I guess the purpose of this update is to just notify everypony interested in this project that there may be days that you wont see any actual updates and all because I really just dont have anything to say.

I almost missed a day. No biggie. Life still goes on and we can all rejoice to see another lovely day in this crazy world. :)

Tomorrow and Friday I'll be doing actual vacation stuff. A lovely trip to Dauphin Island where I'll get to explore a large old Civil War fort (Fort Gaines, rumored to be haunted) and go fishing on the beach with my ma and step pa and on Friday I'll be going to Boone Town where I'll get to waste my money on the slot machines and eat an expensive buffet. If any pony is interested I may actually post pictures of my little adventure in my next few updates to fill the void of production-less time. ;)

If anything, these fun little trips are always inspiring me with my projects so maybe I'll get a proper boast of confidence and inspiration for Spike's Quest

Oh, and to keep things interesting, I'll post Fluttershy :3


  1. If Fluttershy was human I would propose to her in a heartbeat.

    Nice to see young Fluttershy without her long legs.

  2. Btw the other day I took a bus that went past a large ExxonMobil refinery plant. The massive amount of large and small pipes and fractionating towers going in all directions like those old Windows 95 pipe screensavers will make a good 'industrial' themed level.

    In such a level the traps will also be unique in the form of excess natural gas burn off, leaking gas pipes with flames shooting out, explosive barrels, etc.