Sunday, August 21, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-21-2011

> puts in some code for crouching
> crouching code successful. adds additional code for crawling
> crawling code half done, hits a snag where player cant seem to shoot fire while crawling
> spends several hours trying to solve problem
> head desk after figuring that the program may actually have a keyhit limitation ('down' key[crouch] + 'left'' or 'right' key[crawl] + 'shoot' key may be too much to detect all at once)
> hopes my figuring is wrong. consults help from Blitz Basic community

oh the joys of programing... :P


  1. What about WASD keys? They are, usually, less limited.

  2. @SWFlash

    I may look into that. I'm not entirely sure what WASD keys are or if Blitz Max supports them, but if they are there then I may toy around with them

  3. figured it out (and feels dumb for not knowing what they are) I may use them, but I may also incorporate a system where the player defines his/her own keys. But because of this darn key limitation problem I even worry about that. :P

  4. In this game arrow keys would do fine.

    The WASD and Left Ctrl & Spacebar was popularized (if not invented) by Half Life and Counterstrike because of the use of mouse pointer that allowed to take care of aiming and primary and secondary fire.

    Pre Half-Life era games like Doom and Duke Nukem had A and Z for jumping and crouching, ctrl for shooting, Spacebar for 'Use' with arrow keys for movement.

    This game doesn't seem to need the use of the mouse so the old key layout should do fine. Unless you are planning to make the game very different from the last demo we have tested so far :)