Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-9-2011

I'm happy to let everypony know that the game seems to be functioning near 100% to what it was before the BMax transfer. I even managed to fix a few of the bugs that were reported from Demo #3!

Just a few more tweaks and I'll start to add new functions such as spitting flame balls and a door system that would enable me to link maps to each other.

I is a happy brony!

Still, since I am visiting relatives for another week and a half, progress will continue to be a bit slow going. The next test demo isn't due out until possibly next month (when I'll be able to purchase the full license for Blitz Max) But I do plan on releasing videos on an official Youtube channel for this game.

Stick around and I'll keep you posted! :3

(I couldn't come up with a good pic for this update so have a cool picture of Derpy instead!)

Edit: I forgot to mention, I've added three new items to the Health Items log. Check it out if your curious!

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