Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-3-2011

Re-coding progress is awfully slow going at the moment. But progress is still progress!

I've been putting many hours into the rebuild of the map and tile data editor which has been somehow exciting. The more I progress in this new language the more confident about this project I actually feel!

Still, slow progress is slow. I'm really worried about whether I'd have anything ready for a demo next Wednesday. I have a whole week to finish the tile and map system and then also have a functioning game engine to work with it.

To top it off, since I'm visiting relatives for the next couple of weeks, my production time is a bit hampered with the occasional chore or visiting time. That, and well my grandparents gripe about me being on this laptop all the time :P

Anyway, aside from life and the occasional stress over demo deadlines, I've recently started up a twitter account for the project and directed a blog feed to it if anypony here wants to subscribe to it:!/SpikesQuest

basically all you'll see there are the usual blog updates and the occasional random tweets here and there. I'm new to twitter so I really dont know how everything works. But maybe it'll grow on me over time...

More to come soon!


  1. I wouldn't sweat it if you don't have a demo ready for next Wednesday. A demo that we get later for an awesome game is better than a demo that we get earlier but causes the game to be rushed. :) The demo deadline is self-imposed and thus arbitrary, so no sense fretting about it too much, yeah? We're patient.

  2. I just ran through the game and on jumping, if Spike is mid-air in front of the 'netting enclosed in red frame' background, and I press up or down, he clings on to it. You can then use all directional arrows, including climbing sideways.

    Dunno if this has been noticed yet.

  3. SoFDMC
    well yeah. He's supposed to climb the grating ;) that was part of the engine testing