Saturday, August 13, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-13-2011

Yesterday I spent several hours adding a few additions such as breakable blocks and the ability to spit fire (still a work in progress)

and this morning I've been up a few more hours fixing a few bugs that came with the new additions. And right up to now I've taken a break from code to work with a nice piece of software called Tone Pusher.

This software is capable of outputting random 8bit like sound effects and exporting them into .wav format. It comes in rather handy and I believe that it was once used to create the many sound bits for Cave Story.

Of course, if the majority of folk here dont like the 8bit retro sound then there are some nice chaps offering their help in making some proper sound for the game. Either way, Spike's Quest is destined to have some awesome sounds! :)

Now concerning music. I've mentioned before that I wish to put together a development package with music in mind and post it out to the public to the advantage of any potential composers out there. The current choice of software is called OrgMaker which is freeware and again was also used for the music of Cave Story. I've already had a few nice brony-folk approach me wanting to compose music for the game so I'm feeling kinda confident in that portion of the project :) I'll post more about the music package when it becomes ready.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I look forward to the breakable blocks, I anticipate some bugs from the sequence during playtesting.