Thursday, August 11, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-11-2011

Not muchto report this morning... yesterday was a busy day (away from the game) gramps needed my help replacing a belt on a lawn mower which involved removing the chassy. (however you spell that) and one of my distant cousins had a huge birthday party.

So no.. nothing at all was accomplished on the game...


Oh stop looking at me like that! I have a life beyond this silly project ya know!

I shall commence work on the game today if I'm not pulled away from it again. If it keeps your faith a little longer I've done some new map work this morning so not all is lost :)

On a second note, today is the one month anniversary for the start-up of this project!

Pinkie Pie would be pleased if we threw some kind of silly internet party or something. :P [Pic semi Related]


  1. You have no time for life! When it comes to 2d pony games, there is nothing more important!!!

    Also good luck!

  2. @Yoshi
    your sarcasm level is OVER 9000!!!! :3

    Also thanks. lol