Sunday, August 7, 2011

Production Start-Up Log for 8-7-2011

I'll be honest. Yesterday I did not get much of anything done :(

Did some heavy work for the family, putting a bed together, helped gramps fix a lawn mower, moved a huge roll of carpet from the trailer to the shop in the back yard,did a bit of yard selling with my auntie. And by the time I was actually free from it all I was too sore to think about coding.

To top it off I just figured I may need to rewrite a certain chunk of the code and that was sort of off putting too... :P

But my fingers are crossed that today will be slightly different. Life will have to intervene every now and then. That's to be expected.

Anyway, its still very early in the morning and I should try to get a bit of work in on the game. Wish me luck!

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