Friday, August 5, 2011

Need Some Opinions

I've been giving this some thought and I think I might delay the 4th Demo until the first Wednesday of next month (September 7th) here's the reason why...

reason #1.) I dont actually own Blitz Max yet and I wont have the money to purchase the full license until the third of next month.

reason #2.) I dont currently have access to a Mac OS or a Linux OS atm, I have an old Mac laptop at home and a second PC I can install Linux on. I'd like to have the 4th demo ready for these OS's when its released and even f I did have these systems in hand I wouldn't really be able to do a Linux version as there's no BMax trial version for Linux. :P

reason #3.) I actually want to make the 4th demo worth your download with all sorts of awesome features :) more time = better stuff!



  1. I guess with so many things going on as listed above it would be a good idea to wait.

    Good luck with saving up that money to buy the license. I know what its like to have to live on a frayed shoe-string budget. Most demoralizing time of my life.

  2. I like better stuff, go for it.