Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Youtube: WhitehawkePAUNCH plays Demo #4

Havent seen one of these in a while (not that it could be helped while the downloads were down :P ) Video can be viewed after the break!

 Thanks Mr. PAUNCH! :)  and the added atmospheric sfx seem nice too xD


  1. Call me Hawke please.
    Also, I played your game all the way back on I recently decided to play it again while making a video of it, but my computer was a little slow while recording it. I've found new recording software since then though, so perhaps next time I'll be able to play and record at the standard game speed.
    I might also do commentary, as I've started to do now.

    Best of luck to you getting the full product out.

    1. Have you tried CamStudio?

      And if so, have you tried playing with the settings in it? If you'd like, I could get you the settings I use when recording my videos.

    2. Unless of course your new software works way better.

      Forgive me, I seem rather slow this morning :P

    3. I used to use CamStudio, but there where problems with exporting and there were compatibility issues as well.

      I used FRAPS for the youtube video above, but the issue with FRAPS is that it can only record either my entire desktop or select games.

      I use HyperCam2 now - it's free, and does exactly what I needed CamStudio to do for me. The only drawback is that the playback framerate is 10 frames per second, but given my computer, I'd rather take that then the excruciating slowdown of FRAPS or even worse, an unstable frame rate.