Thursday, January 3, 2013

1-3-13 - I'll be updating daily again.

I've decided just now that it would be very wise for me to start doing daily updates again for this project. It wont strictly be about progress though, but mostly of facts and ideas about the game in general.

Most of these updates may contain spoilers, and I will do my best to warn about these spoilers for those of you who'd like to remain surprised.

So what have I been so busy on for the past few weeks? I've started development on the six large mini-games that are hidden throughout the game world. One of these games is essential for the completion of Spikes Quest, and that game is my current project and is quiet a gem for just a mini game.

I've posted about these mini-games before, but I never specified how they work in Spikes Quest.

There are six game disks (or carts) scattered throughout the world. When you find one, you bring it back to the upper world into Ponyville where Pinkie Pie will have something resembling a mini-game arcade booth, here the game is revealed and unlocked to you in a mini-game selection menu of sorts.

The mini-games will be classic spin-offs of such nastalgic games of classic DOS and Gameboy origins and the majority of them are quiet literally a series of videogames within a videogame.

Tomorrows post will reveal the most current mini-game in development, and will certainly be spoilered for such obvious reasons.

So, if you dont mind being spoiled on Spikes Quest, feel free to check on in. I'll do my darnedest to keep this blog and all affiliated forum threads updated on a daily basis. :)

edit: I've got a good feeling that the year 2013 will be the year that this game sees completion. :)


  1. So... I checked this blog for just about all days since the last post, up until December, 23th. Since then, I just vanished from the internet and I came back just today. And it turns out you've come back~ Or, well, you've started posting again.

    So we're going to be seeing some new stuff, huh? Can say I hadn't waited for the time for you to throw things in here to come back, if that manages to make sense.

    This y-year? Hook.

    1. haha, curious thing, i was also looking at this blog for the past month (i found out about it one month ago XD) and it pleases me to hear you will be uptading the blog daily, as i, as a big fan of both castlevania games and mlp fim, am looking forward to have your awesome project in my hard drive ^^

      and you say it could be finished this year?!!?? oh gawd, now you hooked me for the entire year damn :P lets hope nothing happens to you, like... what happened to mlp online u,u it would be really bad... so if you can, try not to upload demos or stuff like that, i prefer to wait an entire year, than just 6 month and for a demo and then find out you got taken out by copyrights and stuff...

      so yeah, cheers /)*(\ (god that was a long reply---)