Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1-9-13 - Mini-Game Reveal #6

This post concerns a portion of the project that has not yet been in development. Any images or screenshots are simply for visual aid and are not official to this project (unless stated otherwise)

Also, there are spoilers in this post. Proceed at your own risk. :P

[also also note, there's one more mini game reveal after this one, I ended up deciding on having seven mini-games instead of six. If you've noticed I've been labeling the mini games themselves in a backwards order (#5,#4,#3, etc etc) this one is #1 and tomorrow's is #0 I'm just making this note to clear any future confusions :P ]

Mini-Game #6
Night Dash

I've been all over the internet today trying to find videos or images of this game. It certainly seems to be a kind of RARITY [no pony pun intended]. Needless to say, I could not find any content of this game, neither could I remember what it was called [also reason why I'm posting this one so late today].. it was either called Driver or Roader or something along those lines.

Its one of those games they had at my school while in my younger years during the late 80's and early 90s, and it was on those old Apple II computers. This was back in Elementary school to be presise, and it was that one game that every student in my class was competing to actually be the first to beat it.

The game was a top down view driving game and the graphics were simple green dots on a black background [the monitor was two colored monochrome]. You hit the left button to go left and the right button to go right, and the purpose of the game was to not crash into the bounding lines that made up the road. The road scrolled downwards [shifting to left and right angles or straight forward at random intervals] until the distance counter reached 100 [1 dot= 1 point on this meter]

There were three tracks to chose from, and they ranged from 1:wide, 2:medium and 3:narrow, the thickness of these tracks was what made the game so challenging.

I actually made a clone of this game years ago on Multimedia Fusion [a software creation tool from the geniuses of Clickteam], and I would not mind cloning it again as a mini-game for Spikes Quest.

I'll certainly alter the graphics from simple dots of the original to something a little more enhanced and Equestrian, while still keeping the nastalgic green to black monochrome look (perhaps with more shades of green to black instead of the simple green and black two color look]

For the premise of the game, I thought about having Rainbow Dash flying through each track with a sort of cloud in sky scenario.

I'll have more on this eventually. Not much else to report on.


  1. nice, i remember using a game like that in my MAME files, so i get what you are trying to explain, say, RD taking road actions is way too common, try to vary it, i would preffer to have luna trying to avoid nightmares or something like that instead of the usual RD and clouds, but again, its just what is in my mind, if you believe it would be too tedious, the do what you want, the game is yours after all XD

    1. the clouds are just scenery and not actual obstacles (again, the challenge is to just stay on the road and not crash into the bounding lines that make up the road). Though I kinda like the idea of using Luna instead of RD. thanks for that suggestion!

    2. oh yeah, hehe, thanks to you for the awesome project your using ^^ and sorry for the obstacle misunderstanding u,u

    3. tis cool. thanks for the suggestions and compliments! :)