Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1-8-13 - Mini-Game Reveal #5

This post concerns a portion of the project that has not yet been in development. Any images or screenshots are simply for visual aid and are not official to this project (unless stated otherwise)

Also, there are spoilers in this post. Proceed at your own risk. :P

Mini-Game #2

This game will spoof CD-Man, a vga DOS version of Pac-Man [or as some may call it: an attempt to modernize the classic]

This game was an attempt to enhance the Pac-Man experience back in the day when DOS nearly ruled the grand majority of home computers. Its Pac-Man, with some graphical enhancements as well as a few gameplay enhansements.

From the video above you can tell the many differences from regular Pac-Man and this game. You must collect a key to access a gate into a small area on the map to finish collecting all the dots. And the graphics depict actual scenery rather than the classic wall lines that we're all familiar with. This game only had a handful of levels when it was released. I grew up with just the demo version which has the level in the above video and two other levels.

for the mini-game, I'd like to take the concept of this game, replace the Pac-Man sprite with Gummy [Pinkie's pet alligator], and design a few levels similar to the one in the video.

The game's title will simply be ' Gummy ' .. so simple, and straight to the point :3

There's not much else to say about this, really. I just thought it up yesterday before all the excitement over old SQ demos and what-not :P


  1. hmmm, very nice idea for a minigame, and i noticed you are concentrating your attention on many DOS games, say, have you heard of tyrian? or maybe commander keen? those are a little too complicated games, but i guess it makes no harm in pointing that out XD

    anyways, the updates are very nice, its awesome i can look into what you are planning for your game, keep it up dude, its all looking very good ^^

    1. I'm quiet familiar with Commander Keen [what 30 year old computer nerd isnt familiar with that series?] but I cant say I've heard of Tyrian.

      I'll look it up on Youtube :)

    2. you havent heard of tyrian o,0!! dude, please PLEASE, look it up, its the best game in all of the DOS games i've ever played.

    3. checking it out now. Looks really sweet! :)