Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1-16-13 - Event Item: The Four Dragon Keys - Key #3

This post concerns an important event item and it may or may not contain spoilers [in this case the spoiler would be concerning game-play and not much on story]

Proceed at your own risk.

Event Item:
Dragon Key #3 - The Bronze Key
aka: The Amethyst Key and/or The Friendship Key

Description: This key is made of pure bronze. There's a perfect octagonal shaped amethyst stone in the center of its handle.

Quest: To acquire this key you will have to complete a chain quest. Similar to the chain quest on games like Zelda and Donkey Kong Country 3. You acquire a special item and then take it to an npc character that needs it that character then exchanges that item with another item and it goes right on until you reach the final character who gives you the key.


  1. hmmm... so npc's right? will it really be like that? like take this to a, exchange it for b, take it to c, exchange it for d... etc, until you get the key?

    or will it be a sistem like... letting one npc give lots of quest, and when you complete them all, you get the key, something like that ghost... wind i think? in the castlevania portrait of ruin game.

    1. Your first guess is about right, actually.