Sunday, January 6, 2013

1-6-13 - Mini-Game Reveal #3

This post concerns a portion of the project that has not yet been in development. Any images or screenshots are simply for visual aid and are not official to this project (unless stated otherwise)

Also, there are spoilers in this post. Proceed at your own risk. :P

Mini-Game #4
Pinkie's Balloon Adventure

This mini-game will spoof the GameBoy version of Balloon Fight.

 Just replace the sprite of the girl named Alice with a sprite of Pinkie Pie with balloons and you'll pretty much have the whole idea of the game, I plan for this to be a three level mini-game with the inclusion of the mini game 'Balloon Trip' where you float around with your balloons avoiding electric floating sparkies and avoid falling into the sea below (or being devoured by a giant fish)

This was a game I grew up with on the original GameBoy system and I felt it was just right for a Pinkie Pie platform game.

Some added bonuses for the mini-game:
> I plan to setup a border hud system mimicking the Super Gameboy, this includes a few different borders to chose from with their own individual Easter Egg screensavers.
> And with the inclusion of the Super Gameboy borders you will be able to alter the color palette of the mini-game

I'll have more on this soon.

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