Saturday, January 12, 2013

1-12-13 - This Week's Progress Report

So, this past week has been somewhat exciting. The old demo's had been re-uploaded (and to a new server). There have been a couple of new LP videos made of Demo #4, and I've revealed all the planned mini-games for Spikes Quest.

This is one of many weekly updates that I'll be doing every Saturday [right up to completion]

More after the break!

Demo #4 LP Videos:

WhitehawkPAUWNCH's playthrough
CrimsomtheWolf's playthrough

All the Mini-Game reveals: [may contain spoilers]

Reveal #1
Reveal #2
Reveal #3
Reveal #4
Reveal #5
Reveal #6
Reveal #7

Current Development Progress: [May contain spoilers]

I've been pretty darn busy working on Mini-Game #7 (revealed in Reveal #1) Currently I'm wrestling with a bit of code. A function that is supposed renders the 3D walls when the player is in the area that those walls exists. I've spent the past three days struggling with this function, but very little progress has been made due to some nasty complications.

Aside from that, the mini-game has some promise. The people who dont actually follow the blog (or forum posts that I update along with the blog) will be in for a nice little surprise :)

Despite the headaches of the current hangup of the current code, I've still managed to keep myself focused by staying excited about a possible finished product. I'm keeping this mindset by meditating and imagining what the final product would be like and how other people may actually enjoy it.

I've also been using special rubbing oils (courtesy of my sister who sells the stuff) that helps me keep my focus as well as other beneficial things.

That's all I have for this weeks progress report. I'll continue to post more to the blog daily and a few little things will also be posted here (if it seems necessary)

Here's hoping the next weekly progress report will have more awesome stuff in it!

Thanks for following! :)

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