Saturday, January 19, 2013

1-19-13 - Weekly Progress Report #2

It has been a busy week both project-wise and personal-wise.

Check after the break to see what's been going on.

Event Item Reveals:
This weeks blog posts concern five important items found throughout the game. The Four Dragon Keys and The Dragon Blade these five items tie in together and if all have been collected, rewards you with the most ultimate boss battle as well as the best ending.

Here are the blog posts regarding these items:

Dragon Key #1
Dragon Key #2
Dragon Key #3
Dragon Key #4
The Dragon Blade

Help Wanted:

Mini-Game Beta Testers: 
this application will remain open until the first of February. Pretty much I just need a good number of beta testers to test the mini-games as I work on them. I may also extend the work to the Spikes Quest Beta engine. If your interested in becoming a Beta Tester, please e-mail me:

Notes: You must have one of these operating systems: Windows (98,2000,ME,XP,Vista,7 and 8),Mac OSX, Linux (not sure of any limitations to the type of Linux OS's), Android (this may be a while)

In the last post I mentioned that I needed volunteers to have Skype. But I've decided to put together an embedded html5 chat-room on my website. So Skype is no longer a requirement (but would still be helpful for one on one conversations)

Music Composers:
I'm seeking some music talent to help develop the music for the mini-games. Right now I need some good adlib sounding pieces for the current mini-game that I'm working on. Here's a good example of what I'm looking for:

If you think you have what it takes feel free to e-mail me:


All help on this project will be added accordingly to the end credits.

Development Progress:

This week I've decided to take a break from Castle Pinkiestien and begin work on the mini-game Luna's Flight. The game is fairly simplistic as you may can tell from the screenshot below:

the game controls as follows: tap left button for Luna to start moving left. tap the right button for Luna to start moving right, tap up or down to have Luna to move straight forward. Stay on the path and dont collide into the bounding lines.

This game, as explained in the mini-game reveal was inspired from an old Apple II game from my childhood. It was one of the few games on my old schoolroom computer that every student was competing to be the first to complete. The game had three different tracks to chose from (wide, medium and narrow) and you had to avoid wrecking into the bounding lines until you reached the end of the track. The narrow track was a real challenge and it was nearly impossible to beat unless you had plenty of practice playing the game.

not to brag... but I was the first student to beat the narrow track [my competition, Steve, a fellow classmate would argue otherwise] but moving along with the subject here...

I decided to add a few more features to this game that the original did not have. You will now be able to select a speed as well as adjust the distance before the track ends (or you can just select to have it go endless. This could be handy for a distance scoreboard or something)

there are four different speeds to chose from:

1. Snail With Wings
2. Your Average Pegasi
3. Wonderbolt Material
4. Might of the Alicorn

With the additional features, I'll also be tweaking and adding additional graphics [something else the original game was lacking in.] Let's look back at the screenshot above...

In place of the barren slightly off-greenish-black void that surrounds the track, there will actually be a kind of paralaxed background of sorts. There will be a simplistic looking hud at the bottom (where the track seems to dissapear behind the tiny 'Luna' sprite thing) and I decided that instead of keeping the game in the monochromish black and green palette, I decided to have the program pick the color scheme randomly, or actively rotate and fade into other colors while the game is playing.

The black border that surrounds the game field will also be edited into a graphical border that resembles an old Apple II computer monitor.

And before the game loads up, I decided to have a kind of Computer boot screen:

Other notes:
I was going to use Rainbow Dash as the playable character here, but thanks to Brian Alegria, I changed my mind to the moon goddess herself, Luna.

That's all I have for now.


  1. The eyes look a little creepy on the "Little Mac" logo. I think it's clear enough without the funky eyes.

    Also, this is my first time bothering to comment on anything, despite being a tester. I guess nothing really caught my eye as being weird until now.

    1. Noted. I'll most likely do away with the eyes. I've toyed with the graphic a number of times... first removing the eyes and then adding them back, trying to figure out a way to make it work with the logo.

      We'll just have to see how it ends up in the future.

  2. omg, i lold XD you wrote my name wrong, its bryan, not brian XD but anyways :P

    oh, and you looked for tyrian, that's nice, it has awesome music and is a very good game, i still play it from time to time with my bro ^^

    there are nice updates over there, i will definitely follow your progress, everything is looking awesome ;)

    cheers ^^