Monday, January 14, 2013

1-14-13 - Event Item: The Four Dragon Keys - Key #1

This week we'll have a look at four event items. And on friday I'll reveal what those four event items will unlock.

These items are actual keys. And each key will take a certain kind of effort to acquire.

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::may or may not contain spoilers::

As of this moment, I've dubbed these keys Dragon Keys (a working title). They're not required to beat the game (that may or may not change), but the item they unlock (a special weapon) would not only make the game easier to beat, but would also unlock the best ending as well as the ultimate boss battle.

Each key is acquired by completing four different scavenger hunts.

Today we'll have a look at the Gold Key [also known as the Game Key and/or The Emerald Key]

The gold key has an emerald encrusted in the center of its handle. And its head [the flat piece] has a cut-out shape in its center resembling the shape of a four sided diamond.

This key is acquired by unlocking all the mini-games and beating the last one [Castle Pinkiestien : The key is found in a small chamber room after beating the final level's boss]

Tomorrow we'll have a look at The Mythril Key. Stay tuned!


  1. nice o,0 its like the castlevania games, like, i remember the castlevania dawn of sorrow i think? for the DS, in the en, if you had a certain talisman, you could unlock the real final boss, along with the best ending.

    is what you are saying supposed to be like that? because that would be awesome ^^ (oh, and the fact that its going to be a weapon and not a ''charm'' is cool too ^^)

    1. I've never really beat any of the DS Castlevania titles (ended up having to sell my copies off to pay bills several years ago) so I cant say that's what inspired my decision here.

      However, I've just recently ordered all three DS titles off of E-Bay (for the sake of creative inspiration), and I'm looking forward to playing them. Perhaps I'll get to see what your talking about :)

      The idea of the four keys being used to unlock the master weapon was inspired from the Zelda series, where you had to collect a set of items to retrieve the master sword.