Friday, January 18, 2013

1-18-13 - Weapon: The Dragon Blade

There may be spoilers. proceed at your own risk.

Once all four Dragon Keys have been collected then you may proceed to unlock the Dragon Blade

This sword is the most ultimate weapon that you can find in the game. Not only does it increase your attack damage points by double, it also doubles your defense as well as increase your speed (when running) and jump height

A glowing halo will now outline Spike and leave a nifty fading trail (like in some Castlevania games)

Most secret passages that you haven't yet uncovered will become visible to you, and dark rooms will become lit by the ethereal glow of the blade. You would also be able to defeat certain enemies that you could not kill with just your regular attacks/weapons.

Acquiring this sword also enables the ultimate boss form as well as the best ending.

note: there will be more about this weapon in the future, on how its used as a weapon in the game as well as other things. stay tuned!


  1. oh a jump increase effect o,0 is this intended to make me reach places i couldnt before?

    1. well, perhaps...

      though you would eventually acquire an item that is auto-equipped that would allow you to perform a double jump. The jump stats upgrade from the blade might be questionable here.

    2. hmmm.... i see... let me see, this... jump stat, will make me jump like... say... that certain relic in very castlevania games, the griphon wing or something... you know, you hit up + A and the char jumps straight upward, and it can be repeated.

      im not saying the sword will make me do just that, but will it make me jump as high as that?