Friday, January 4, 2013

1-4-13 - Mini Game Reveal #1

Spoilers after the break. You have been warned.

Castle Pinkiestien

This is actually the last mini-game that you'll be able to unlock in the main game and is perhaps the most ambitious. As you may can tell from the screenshot above, its still pretty much in development. The current wall textures are placeholders until I've successfully implemented a texture editing tool. There are no enemies as of yet (currently brainstorming on the subject) but it seems mostly the enemies will be evil Pinkie clones.

I've also been juggling simple story ideas for this game, and it seems the final decision may just have Twilight waking up in a nightmare where she's trapped in a castle populated by the vengeful Pinkie clones from the MLP episode 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'

I'll have more on this soon.

Here's an image of the map editor (work in progress):

As a final note: this game will not be violent or bloody. Twi will just be wandering around all three of the stages sending the evil clones back to the dimension that they came from. There will also be a few secrets to unlock per level and unlocking this game is also required to acquire an important event item for Spikes Quest

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