Saturday, January 5, 2013

1-5-13 - Mini-Game Reveal #2

This post concerns a portion of the project that has not yet been in development. Any images or screenshots are simply for visual aid and are not official to this project (unless stated otherwise)

Also, there are spoilers in this post. Proceed at your own risk. :P

Mini-Game #4
Celestial Towers

This game will be a spoof of the classic DOS game Mystic Towers

Gameplay video:

The original game had you playing as an elderly wizard named Baron Baldric who has been sent on a quest to vanquish evil monsters in a series of towers. Each tower has five floors with 9 rooms per floor. You must explore these towers, destroy all 15 monsters and the monster generator (if you dont destroy the generator in a set time, the monsters slowly re-spawn.)
Once all the monsters and the monster regenerator are destroyed you acquire a key which then you'll have to find the locked door to proceed to the next tower.

There are a few rpg elements in the game such as a hunger and thirst meter as well as MP and HP as well as a few simple spells that will help you solve puzzles and defeat the monsters.

I've actually been wanting to do my own spin on this game for a while now and I figured this would be a good chance to do so.

Baron would be replaced by Starswirl the Bearded and of course, all the graphics will be redesigned. I've thought about adding some advanced elements to the game as well like having the ability to rotate the symmetric 3D view in real-time (using actual 3D graphics for the full effect)

for this mini-game I've decided that one tower would be plenty enough of a challenge (as far as 'mini games' goes)

This may also be the next mini-game on my production list to work on. I'll have more on this soon.


  1. AWESOME!!! i mean, you're going to redesign it? woah, i dont think i can be able of doing such a thing.

    cheers dude, this updates are very very nice ^^

    1. eYep, entirely redesigned, all from scratch

      its a bit ambitious, really :P