Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1-22-13 - Why I chose to do this project alone

I hear it all the time from friends or followers of this project that I really need to have a team for the development of Spikes Quest. But there are a number of reasons why I chose to do it alone. Some are personal, others are just logical thinking.

Growing up, I've always wanted to develop my own computer/video games. I wanted to develop the graphics, the world, the story, pretty much I wanted it to be entirely of my own making. Something I can be proud of, like a painter would be proud of his painting, or an author would be proud of his novel. This project shall be my own masterpiece. Or so, that was always the mindset I've had.

Other reasons [the logical thinking type of reasons] comes from some observations of certain group projects. I've observed groups that simply could not keep it together. There were usually huge disagreements, or other kinds of drama that eventually split the team up. I've witnessed group leaders being driven into a kind of madness and despair because certain parts of his team were not developing fast enough or were not following his/her vision of that project.

 Also, I'm just not a good leading type. A team under my leadership would probably collapse within a week. My ideas would easily be tossed out or warped beyond recognition. I also fear the idea of losing my project entirely to somebody else. I have actually witnessed such cases as the lead developer being kicked out of his own project or just him up and leaving it due to being overwhelmed by his own team. Believe me, its not a pretty sight.

I never want to put my vision through that sort of mess. That is why Spikes Quest will mostly be a one man effort.

I guess you can just call me an Apple Jack. :P I'm just stubborn like that. 

Dont get me wrong though, I will be requesting help when I need it. But for things that I cant handle on my own, such as music composition and beta testing. But as far as anything else goes? I prefer to do it on my own [unless I say otherwise]


Tomorrow I'll be heading out to my sisters. I'll be absent from this blog for a few days. When I do get back, I hope to have more updates on the project.

Until then, I'll see you guys around! :) Thanks for sticking with me on this project.

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  1. i wish you the best, oh great and powerfull master developer of spike's quest.