Friday, January 11, 2013

1-11-13 - Concerning Mini-Game Productivity ::Help Wanted::

I'll try to at least have one mini-game done each month (depending on the complexity of that game)

I'll actually be needing a good strong team of beta testers for each of the mini games as I work on them.

If your interested then please e-mail me:

I'm seeking people who use one of these platforms:
-Windows [98,XP,7 and 8 (hopefully 8 users can access the files)]
-Mac osX
-Android (this may take some time)

I also ask that you at least have a Skype account as I will be hosting a private chatroom centered on the production of all things Spikes Quest.

I will ask for your agreement to not to release any images or videos of these beta releases. They shall remain strictly confidential. Those who join the beta test team will be added to an e-mail list where I will release the exe's

In return of your help, your name will be added to the credits (please specify the title you want to use here.)

It may take some time to get things set up. For now, I'm just building a list.

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