Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10-1-13 - Crunch Month... it begins!

Like being on the brink of a storm, the month of October looms over this project. A perfect deadline waiting at the far end of it all. This is it, folks, the one month where I literally work my fingers to the bone and/or until my brain shrivils to a prune from the copeous amounts of problem solving / planning and thinking needed to piece together this fifth (and last) major test demo of Spikes Quest.

I call this month Crunch Month. Labelled as such because of all the work that I'm going to have to squeeze into this one project. This month will be like a long and torturous journey filled with 4 hour sleep nights. Several gallons  of really strong iced tea / coffee. Several trips to the sink to wash the sleep from my eyes, several broken keyboards (from being repeatedly bashed into my skull out of frustration) frequent changes to my work station(s). Almost an endless stream of blog updates to document it all, and me growing as pale as a vampire from the lack of sun (mark my word, I shall not sparkle the next time I see daylight!).

Yes, it will be just like old times. Remember those weeks following Demo 4? take that and possibly multiply it by 2.

And despite how terrible it all sounds, I'm actually looking forward to it! I remember how well Demo 4 paid off, and I have good faith that demo 5 will be ten-fold in that reward!

So here it begins, my friends. Go forth, tell the world (or just the Brony Community), project Spikes Quest is about to make a huge, ambitious and very epic return!

Fly, my minions, FLY!

note: there will be a halfway point for a small reveal this month (originally planned for the 8th (my birthday) but that's  not completely absolute...)

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  1. i shall lend you my spirit dude! i know everything will pay off in the end like you said!

    cheers! ^^