Thursday, October 3, 2013

Logo Rework Preview #4

Inking has been completed. I decided to include the old Demo #4 logo for comparison in the pic. That's all I'll be able to do with the logo for today. Got a personal errand to run and then I need to get back to work on the code.

Also I need to add that tomorrow I'm going out of town  for a funeral (a depressing note, I know, so I wont burden you guys down with the details) I'll still do a bit of work, but it probably wont be much. I'm hoping to resume full production Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

There's also another obstacle with me having to leave home again possibly this coming monday, I'll be visiting my sister for my birthday and I may be out that way for a few days. That wont hender production much, but it will hender the updates. This also unfortunately puts a stopper on the project's reveal that was originally scheduled for that day (my birthday, on the 8th) but we can always reschedule. :P

I'm also expected to help my uncle with work on his new home. Painting walls, hanging sheet-rock, applying and sanding mud to the sheet-rock and then more painting, laying floor tiles, and possibly helping with the plumbing.... Yeah, those things are really going to hurt me with this project this month. Fortunately, my uncle is being very lenient with my schedule, but I'm still expected to give about three to four hours for a few days each week. We shall see how that works out for the game. :P

Once those life related obstacles are out of the way, I should be able to resume work for the remainder of the month.

There's still plenty of time to get things done, but I wont use that as an excuse to be lazy with this. I shall work each day on this project as if the deadline were tomorrow!


  1. you are impressive dude! you do all those things with vigorous willpower, that is worth a lot of respect, at least, from me ^^

    also, be sure to rest properly, if not your going to mess your body, and that is not good :T

    i just wish the best to you ^^

    cheers =D

  2. I'm impressed by your dedication! I've lurked your entire blog, from post one back in 2011 up til now. It's so exciting to see the project pick up speed!

    But, man that schedule sounds tough. Full on game dev, but you're also helping your uncle with renovation? I don't know how you do it! Just don't hurt yourself, being burnt out takes a while to recover from :)