Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crunch Day #3: Sweet Celestia, where's mah #$%@ coffee?!?

No, seriously, where the heck is my coffee? Oh, right, Wal-Mart stopped carrying the filters I need for my coffee-maker... Well @#$#@ you Wal-Mart! $@#$@# you! D:<


Anyway, moving along.

First, I'd like to start today's blog post with a shoutout to Anomonous from this link: [clickie-here!] . whoever you are, thanks to you my views have seemingly shot through the roof! Just, well,  lookit!:

80 views may not seem like much to some folk out there, but for such a low profile blog as mine, its a nice number. It doesnt beat the days of Demo 4's release (I believe it got close to a thousand views that day) but its a good number and its very encouraging.

Sure, though, this shouldn't be about view counts or comments. Its about the development of the game. But to me, personally, these numbers do mean allot. They push me along in this development. They tell me " hey, people are watching. Get your ass to work before you disappoint them... again!"

So, again, thank you Mr. Anomonous, I give you this special fortune cookie, made of solid gold. Careful now, it'll chip your teeth!

Now, moving along to work related things. Yesterday I got a good chunk of coding done on the inventory screen (yeah, I'm still on that). This screen is almost entirely a seperate project all its own! I've spent over a week working on all the functionalities... I worked on the graphics, the items (collecting them in-game; linking them in the inventory screen ; applying them to the selection system ; etc). Its become a bit of a headache trying to figure out how to make this thing work, and so far its nearly completely functional! But soon there will come the tedious task of adding in all the items' functionalities to the game itself *groan*

For now though, I've decided to start this day off by working more on the logo. As explained in yesterday's post, I now just need to ink the outline out, scan it and then begin work on the final few stages.

I've got my work cut out for me today, so wish me luck!

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