Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crunch Day #2: Diving right in! + Help needed.

I actually spent the whole day yesterday setting up not only just my work space, but my apartment as a whole, trying to make it the ideal 'studio' environment for this project. One could say that it was a method of procrastination (and you'd be sorta correct. :P )

But a good work environment is key here. I must feel comfortable with my surroundings, and focused. I needed to get rid of certain distractions (the internet is a terrible distraction, so I'm also working on distancing myself from that as well)

today I'm attempting to just dive right in to the project itself! I've decided to work on the project in multiple segments each day, sdtarting the day off by working on bits of graphics. And then diving into the code about mid-day (after lunch) and maybe ending the day by fixing certain bugs or touching things up.

I'll do what I can to update everyone here on the progress...

Also, yeah, I really need some help on getting things out to the brony public about this project. I'm hardly giving myself any room on searching out popular brony comunities to post about the project. If you'd like to help me out, then feel free to post around on certain websites/forums/blogs/whatever, or you can send me a link or two for me to do the postings myself!

I already have a few places in mind such as Ponychan, and the Canterlot forums. But I think I should hold off on major news blogs such as Equestria Daily until I have something good to show (I'd advise any helpers in that as well, but if you think it worthy to do otherwise, then who am I to hold you back?)

If you do make any posts about the project, please let me know so I can check it out! :)

Thanks in advance!

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