Thursday, October 24, 2013

10-24-13 - Deadline Extended!

This is perhaps really good news for me, but not so great for you guys.

The deadline for Demo 5 has been extended, meaning the demo has bee delayed. As to what date this extension has moved it to, I havent yet decided.

The reason for this deadline was to originally have the demo ready for the Nightmare Nights Con this coming month, but I've decided that there simply was no way in heck that I'd have it ready by then. the guy who I've been talking to about showcasing it said  it was no biggie and that I can skip this event if I feel it necessary. So instead, I'll actually have my project showcased at the Everfree convention sometimes next year.

Of course, that doesnt mean I'll wait that long to release the next demo.  I've decided not to set a hard deadline for it but I'll go ahead and estimate that it could be released anytime within or after this next month.

I'll keep you guys posted!

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  1. Pleasant to see that you are continuing! I was worried a bit that this might have slipped again! And again I come back to fulfill the "cheerer" role, which I feel that in order to comply with this I say.

    Your perseverance is more than most. (and mine as well)